Memphis Sandoval Cleans Ex and Hamza FREAKS on 90-Day Groom: Up to 90 Days (Review Required)

These days there are rumors that Memphis and Hamza parted ways despite recent speculation that they are returning for another season.

As we all know, both can be true: many couples believe that their love stories break down over time.

Sunday is a new episode 90-day groom: up to 90 daysMemphis remains stunned by Hamza’s cold feet before the wedding.

Despite this, she realizes the secret she was hiding from him … and it all explodes in her face.

As we all remember 90-day groom: up to 90 days on episodes 9 and 10 kind of slapped.

Perhaps as part of their efforts to clear Caleb Greenwood and Alina Kasha out of the show, viewers saw different shots in the same episodes.

Viewers of Discovery Plus, for example, have seen footage of the 10th series of Memphis and Hamza twice, starting with the 9th series.

Haet - it takes you many months to meet someone

In the episode, Hamza grew cold, even as he began to prepare for the wedding.

His mother was divorced, which brought a huge stigma into her life.

He and Memphis need to be sure, and they both saw the red flags.

Hamza - she told me to sign this paper

Another of Hamza’s concerns was Memphis ’insistence on concluding a marriage contract.

Memphis is American and Millennium, which puts it in a demographic category where marriages are very common, though not standard.

For Hamza, this is much more unusual and seemed to him a sign that she does not trust him and is not completely devoted.

Ingrid to Memphis Smith - so he did not cross this threshold of maturity

Meanwhile, Memphis was preparing for a difficult conversation.

Talking to her foster sister Ingrid, she admitted that the problems of his immaturity were the main red flag.

However, she had her own secret, which she had not yet told him.

Memphis Smith (finally) worries that her man is like another child

Memphis is good friends with his ex. Even though they are divorced, they are peacefully raising their parents and getting along well.

She briefly stayed at his house as a friend, at the beginning of her relationship with Hamza.

While this may sound like literally nothing, especially when a shared child is involved, Hamza is from a different culture.

Memphis explains to Hamza how important it is to respect your mother, to know each other

In Hamza culture and perhaps throughout Tunisia (we would not like to summarize just a few people), ex-spouses are not friends.

When Hamza’s parents divorced, his father never had contact with his mother again.

Memphis fears that Hamza will find it hard to imagine the ex spending time together, let alone a night without sex.

Moknii Hamza - Great Boobies, Memphis

We all know that Hamza finds Memphis very sexually attractive. Sometimes desire breeds jealousy.

Memphis knows how Hamza treats divorced exes. She knows he deserves honesty if they are going to get married.

But she is obviously afraid that he will answer badly.

Ingrid in Memphis Smith - you need to be clean

With the support of Ingrid Memphis decided to inform Hamza.

She goes to meet Hamza on the roof, with a colorful view amid her great recognition.

But before Memphis could tell him, Hamza had his own confession.

Hamza - rushed to decide to get married

When the episode ended, Memphis was completely blinded by Hamzai.

He told her that maybe they were in a hurry with the marriage.

Memphis, who had gone all this way to marry him, and vowed to finish everything if they didn’t get married, was shocked.

Memphis Smith is visibly embarrassed and upset

In this season 5 video, episode 11, Memphis has to do two things.

First, she must recover from Hamza’s desire to postpone their wedding.

Second, she still has to tell him about her ex-husband’s accident.

Memphis Smith isn’t so sure their antics went unnoticed

So Memphis is recognized.

“I felt a little depressed and he said I could stay at his house,” she admits.

“So,” she explained to Hamza, “I spent four nights at his house, but nothing sexually happened.”

Hamza - I'm sad

Hamza asks Memphis if she’s “crazy,” completely exploding on her and declaring “k-k, that’s damn t!”

He bursts in while Memphis calls after him.

“Memphis brought me here,” Hamza explains to the camera. – And now I’m changing my mind about marrying her.

Memphis Sandoval Cleans Ex and Hamza FREAKS on 90-Day Groom: Up to 90 Days (Review Required)

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