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Melissa Etheridge Revealed how she is currently coping with her son Beckett’s death 2020 from overdose at age 21. At the opening of her Off-Broadway show, my window, Oct. 13, the legendary musician said he could come to a place where he refuses to feel “guilt” or “shame” about Beckett’s death and his battle with an opioid abuse disorder. make our own choices” 6 pages.

Melissa Etheridge says she feels no “shame” over her son Beckett’s fatal overdose, who died at age 21 in 2020. (MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

“Love or fear, we get to choose every day. My son made his choice. I did the best I could as a mother. No,” Melissa explained. “He didn’t want me to stop and ruin my life because of his choices.”

The new prospect revealed that the “Come to My Window” singer previously said she struggle He was convicted three months after Beckett’s death. “My heart and soul was like, ‘Oh, what could I have done? And was it my fault that he ended up like this? And so on,'” she said. rolling stone August 2020. she told the outlet.

Melissa shared Beckett with her ex Julie Cypher. The former pair also shares his older sister Bailey. Beckett and Bailey are the biological children of Melissa’s best friend and famous musician. David Crosby. Siblings were welcomed by artificial insemination.Melissa is also the mother of 15-year-old twins and a son. mirror and daughter Johnnyin the original Tammy Lynn MichaelsCurrently Melissa is married to a producer Linda Wallemshe got married in 2014.

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