Melinda French Gates reveals scary details of her separation and divorce

In an interview with Fortune magazine published Monday, the 58-year-old philanthropist spoke candidly about his divorce from the 66-year-old Microsoft co-founder. Their couple split in August 2021.

In May 2021, after 27 years of marriage, the couple began divorce proceedings. During the conversation, French Gates spoke about the circumstances that led to her decision to end her marriage, but the strange thing about COVID was that she was able to do her duty in complete secrecy.

Jennifer, 25, Rory, 23, and Phoebe, 19, all know that French Gates had an affair with her ex-husband. daughters married between

She said children were one of French Gates’ key objectives during the divorce process. It was to try to protect us.” And finally, we reached the other side.

In March, French Gates shared with CBS Morning’s Gayle King that she and her ex-husband remained “friendly” with each other and maintained a professional relationship.

In 2000, six years after their marriage, the two co-founded the Gates Foundation.

French Gates said at the time that he had no ill intentions and wished him the best of luck.

That same month, French Gates said in an interview with USA Today that the decision to end the marriage was the darkest time of his life.

She claimed she didn’t believe it would happen to her at the time. I concluded that I must.

https://celebrityinsider.org/melinda-french-gates-reveals-the-horrifying-details-of-her-separation-and-divorce-534474/ Melinda French Gates reveals scary details of her separation and divorce

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