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Megan Thee Stallion put her nursing degree to the test saturday night liveA 27-year-old real-life undergraduate from Houston Health care From Texas Southern University — which technically means she can work in a hospital — she got in October 2021. SNLHowever “hot girl summer’” The rapper disguised her education at a different kind of hospital called “Hot Girl Hospital.”

Fake Drama — Allegedly Shonda Rhimes and hit shadow room – Starred Megan and her fellow nurses in assisting patients in health emergencies… kind of beauty. At HGH, scrubs aren’t blue or green, they’re hot pink, the trend that’s sweeping the fashion scene right now. Who was the first patient to come to the clinic?none other than Heidi Gardnerwho needed beauty amplification.

Megan Thee Stallion disguised her “Hot Girl Summer” track and Health Admin degree on “SNL.” (NBC)

“46 years old, female, insanely beautiful,” declared Megan, rocking her blue hair. Meanwhile, Heidi looked distressed when her second nurse joked about her “fitness.” “Trash, trash,” Megan replied.A colleague of hers told the woman that “BBL” and “whatever” fashion nova we got

BBL, an acronym for Brazilian Butt Lift, is a well-known procedure in popular culture, with some celebrities said to have strengthened their tails through this procedure. Fashion Nova is also known in popular culture as the hip-hop community’s go-to fast-her fashion brand, which Megan and she also wear. “WAP” Collaborator Cardi B (On “She Bad,” Cardi even raps, “I could buy a designer, but this Fashion Nova fit.”)

“Calm down, you’re going to be Bad Bab soon!” Megan reassured Heidi as he drove off for the makeover. While she was undergoing what was supposed to be surgery, a confused doctor wandered into the space and asked penetrating questions. he asked. “We weave, butt, and make clothes,” he was informed.

Heidi then appeared in a new look, wearing a hot pink mini dress and showing off a larger backside. Thank you.”

Megan has been open about her decision to attend school while finding success as a musician. , said it was important to see through the commitment to her deceased mother Holly Thomaspassed away in 2019.

Stallion is working steadily toward his goal of graduating with a Bachelor of Health Administration degree after revealing in June 2020 that he is pursuing his degree part-time and online. Despite her prowess, which has already won three Grammy Awards, the singer said who she educated as a tribute to her late mother, Holly Thomas, who died of brain cancer in March 2019. is advancing further.

“I want to get my degree because I want my mother to be proud,” she said. Man Published in the magazine after graduating from Texas Southern University in 2021.

“I want Big Mama to be proud,” she said. I do it for myself, but I also do it for the women in my family who made me who I am today.

https://hollywoodlife.com/2022/10/16/snl-megan-thee-stallion-hot-girl-hospital-sketch-video/ Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Hot Girl Hospital’ Sketch – Hollywood Life

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