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Megan Thee Stallion came to kill her saturday night live Performance on October 15th! The 27-year-old rapper is back in the studio at her 8H and captivated fans with her song “Anxiety.” She wore a beauty pageant-inspired gown and a sash that read “Miss Anxiety” for an ’80s-inspired vibe. She wore a strapless sequin dress with a mermaid skirt. Megan was stunned surrounded by dancers with obis that read “Overwhelmed,” “Unstable,” and “Mrs.” she overlooked. During the performance, a shining silver crown appeared on the screen behind the group and covered the studio decorations.

Her flow was on point when she dropped a bar from the Go Grizzly-produced album track. Trauma Zine“People call me disrespectful ’cause I won’t let them try me/I’m in love with my body They say I’m stupid/I have a problem but I can’t talk about it” There was no one who could/They keep saying I need to get help/But I don’t even know what I need,'” she said of the song promoting mental health awareness. I say inside.

Megan Thee Stallion performs “Anxiety” on “SNL”. (NBC)

Megan’s hair and makeup were also inspired by the past and perfect for her first performance.she was serious Diana Ross And The Supremes vibe, combining her ’60s-inspired updo with her signature dramatic eye makeup and lustrous lips.

She returned for her second performance, “NDA” and “Plan B,” with a street vibe. SNLMeg looked great again in a black bodysuit and thigh-high cargo boots, along with sunglasses, while her dancers wore leather crop tops. love you,” she raps on “Plan B.”

He’s from Houston SNL She made her headliner performance debut two years ago with the viral tune “Savage” (which also helped blow up TikTok during quarantine). She used the stage to deliver her powerful and poignant message about women of the time and Black Lives Her Matter movement.

“We need to protect black women. And love our black women, because after all, we need black women,” she said. Spoken on stage in 2020“After all, we’re sick of seeing hashtags about black men,” she said, before a readout of “Protect Black Women” appeared behind her.

Megan — maiden name Megan Jovan Ruth PeteActually debuted in 2019 with friends chance the rapperShe helped remix his track “Handsome”, marking her first appearance on the show.

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