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  • Nene Leakes Widely known for appearing in the Bravo reality TV series. Real Housewives of Atlanta From 2008 to 2020.
  • She is also the mother of two adult sons.
  • Nene was married before Greg Leakesuntil his death in September 2021.
  • Recently, one of Nene’s sons had a heart attack and stroke.
Son of Nene Leakes
A young Nene Leakes and her son Brent Leakes. (SplashNews.com)

not only, Nene Leakes54, is a reality TV star, Mom To my two devoted sons.of never make the same mistake twice recent authors lost her husband, Greg, on colon cancer. Greg and Nene were married off and on from 1997 until his death in 2021. Bryson When BrentHere’s everything you need to know about her kids!

Bryson Rashard Bryant

Bryson Rashard Bryant, 32, is the eldest son of Nene, whom she had in a previous relationship. Bryson’s biological father is not publicly known. lore between their mothers many seasons at the show. He is known to often get into trouble and get serious stories from his mama.

In 2011, Bryson was arrested for shoplifting in Georgia. TMZAnd he got into trouble again in June 2015 when he was involved in a “check forgery” incident. us weekly. But lately, I’ve been busy raising my two children. Briasia When BradenThe TV personality occasionally shares photos of her grandchildren via Instagram. cute snapshot Two girls going to school. “And my babies will be in 1st and 2nd grade #glamma #lovemybabies #BriBri #Brayden,” Nene captioned the post.

Brent Leakes

Brent Leakes, 23, belongs to Nene youngest child February 22, 1999 she welcomed with her late husband gregThe proud mother of two often shares photos of Brent on Instagram. On February 20, 2022, Nene will Brent’s snapshot to celebrate his 23rd birthday. She captioned the post. [sic] Day!
First birthday without dad! Brent his Greg love you all day we are so proud of you!Happy 23rd birthday to my boy please show @King Brent some love. ”

brent leaks
Brent Leakes is the son of Nene and Greg Leakes. (SplashNews.com)

Most recently, Brent suffered congestive heart failure and stroke shared by Nene Via Instagram Story on Oct. 10, 2022. “Two weeks ago today, Brent had congestive heart failure and a stroke,” Nene revealed.

The celebrity mom was heartbroken by the news, adding that Brent “does not drink or do drugs.” I don’t want to touch it.Obviously the stroke is a very serious one and he’s having a hard time speaking.Just keep us praying.Keep on bringing your prayers.She said He concluded by sharing that his son is recovering and showing “some improvement” since the incident.

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