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Mike Myers59, is a Hollywood legend known for his roles in iconic films. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Wayne’s world, Shrek, cat in a hat, more.former saturday night live star brought home Emmy Awards for his work in the entertainment industry. But when Mike isn’t busy playing hilarious characters in movies and TV, he spends his time developing himself. three kids with his wife Kelly Tisdale45. Below is everything you need to know about the actor’s children spike, SundayWhen Paulina Myers!

Mike Myers
Known for “Shrek” and “Austin Powers,” Mike Myers is also the father of three children. (Stephen Luvkin/Shutterstock)

Spike Myers

Eleven-year-old Spike Myers is the only son of Mike and Kelly.they welcomed them first child September 29, 2011, after just one year of being together as a couple MarriedAnd although his kids have a super-famous dad, they’re not all that impressed with him. Said Man In September 2022. [I do]said Mike. “Look, this is great.”

Spike is the oldest of Mike’s children, but not much is known about him as his father keeps their lives out of the spotlight. He shared that his son prefers non-movie movies. Shrek. Recalling asking his son if he would like to see the 2001 hit movie, Mike said: live with kelly and ryan When his son said, “Hmm, Madagascar? ”

Mike, who picked up Spike at the age of 48, also spoke. Kelly Rippa At the time, his son was the only child whose father was beginning to realize that he was famous. It’s not, but Spike is starting to get a feel for it as we try to introduce it,” he said.

Mike Myers
Mike Myers and his son Spike attend the event together. (Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

Sunday Myers

Kelly’s husband of 12 years, eldest daughter, Sunday, April 11, 2014, 8th. When she was born, Mike said: Manhe and Kelly “couldn’t be happier”. A year before she was born, Mike said deadline how much he loved being a dad. “People who say that becoming a father is the greatest thing that can happen to you underestimate it. I didn’t know that could be so amazing and my child could be so beautiful and adorable. No. Kelly and her men are also sure to keep young children out of the spotlight.

mic appeared jimmy kimmel live In March 2022, he shared that his daughters are not fans of his work. “A 10-year-old likes mine. My girlfriend’s 8-year-old and her 6-year-old don’t really like it,” he said. “They aren’t big fans, but they’re New Yorkers you know, so it’s very difficult,” he told the host, who often calls her father “boring” on Sundays. Mike said The Late Show with David Letterman He chose the name because he dislikes weekdays. “Me and his wife Kelly hate Sundays. No kidding. We wanted to turn it around and make it good,” he shared.

Paulina Myers

Finally, our daughter Paulina, 6, who was born on November 2, 2015, is the youngest member of the crew. The birth of her Paulina came just 18 months after her sister Sunday was born. Aside from basic details, not much is publicly known about Myers’ youngest girl: Kelly and Mike, who she met in 2006 and secret wedding 2010, just four years later. The couple maintain a very private life and keep the details of their relationship out of the spotlight.

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