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Rebel Wilson has two sisters and a brother, they all have the same unique names as her. Here’s everything you need to know about the brothers and sisters of the “Friends of the Bride” star.

Rebel Wilson, 41 years old, a famous comedian, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have time for family. In fact, The pitch is perfect The star is very close to her siblings, who she claims keep her on earth. She repeatedly talked about her family when she grew up in fame. Describing how her unique name came about, she shared that she and her siblings have it in common. “A girl named Rebel sang at their wedding, and that’s where my name came from,” she said. Daily Mail. “My three siblings and I have patronymics in honor of the English royal family. My Elizabeth, as I was called in school. ” With that said, welcome Bridesmaids three brothers and sisters of the star!

Freedom Wilson

Rebel Wilson and her sister Liberty Wilson. (MEGA)

Freedom Wilson is the second older brother in the Wilson family after Rebel. Born in 1982, she is only two years younger than Rebel, so naturally they were close. She is also very attached to family traditions. All of Rebel’s brothers and sisters have unique names. In fact, Liberty was named after one of her parents ’favorite department stores. “I really liked the fact that I have an unusual name… I wanted to keep this tradition,” said Svaboda, testifying for her sister in 2015 during The insurgent’s case of slander. She was going to name her daughter Disney, but in honor Rebel was accused of being related to the animator, refused. “She (my daughter) is into child modeling, and for that she uses the name Sovereign Wilson,” she said.

She’s not as much in the spotlight as his sister, but she’s present on television. She participated in the first season Amazing race of Australia along with her and brother Rebel Riot Wilson. At the show, she showed that she also follows the family tradition of raising and handling dogs. “Our family has been raising and showing beagles for five generations, and that’s what I love to do,” Svaboda explained during confession. She also looked into life at home in the Wilson home. “We have four children in our family, and as we grew up, our mom and dad always encouraged a lot of discussion, opinions and laughter at the table. We are all open, ”Liberty said of Rebel and her siblings when participating in the show.

Riot Wilson

Riot Wilson there is Rebels only brother! He had to showcase his competitive side of the world when he competed in Season 1 Amazing race of Australia along with him and sister Rebel Liberty Wilson. During his confession on the show, he revealed his unique profession. “I’m a professional poker player. I play full time, ”he shared. His sister Svaboda also attributed to her brother some wonderful and not very respectable ones. “Ryot is very competitive. He’s pretty smart. He is one of the most brazen people I have ever met, ”she shared, to which Riot replied,“ I would agree with that; I’m smart. “

Annachi Wilson

Rebel Wilson, Annachi Wilson
Rebel Wilson and her sister Anachi Wilson (Sarah J. Weiss / Shutterstock)

Anachi Wilson this is the child of the Wilson family! She was born as Annalize, but prefers to be called Annachi, similar to Anarchy. She was also affectionately called “on a leash” by her siblings as a sign of her parents’ involvement in the dog industry, which was discovered during Rebel’s libel court. Like Rebel, she publishes her social media to give fans a glimpse into her fun and adventurous lifestyle. She often uploads some cute pictures of her and her siblings. She proved that she and Rebel are close, as they often spend time together, even if it is close development Sydney Opera House, together going to Disney or celebrating Rams’ victory at the Super Cup.

Meet her 2 sisters and brother – Hollywood Life

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