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charlie’s angels beauty Cheryl Rudd71, She has a great career behind her.Aside from her iconic career-making gig charlie’s angels TV series, she has also appeared in major movies Unforgettable, Poison Ivy, Millennium, more. Over the past 50 years, she has also appeared in numerous television movies and series. For most of her highly accomplished life, her husband of 40 years was by her side. Brian RussellHere’s everything you need to know about the timeless beauty’s very long-term marriage.

Cheryl Rudd
Cheryl Ladd and husband Brian Russell. (Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock)

Brian is not the first husband

Although they have been together for an impressive 40 years now, Brian is not actually her first husband. David Ruddin 1973, together a look-alike daughter was born. Jordan Rudd, now 47 years old, 1975. Cheryl divorced him in 1980 and she retained the name of David even after she married Brian in 1981.

he’s the stepfather of cheryl’s daughter

Cheryl was personally satisfied, have my daughter Jordan is Brian’s stepfather and Cheryl is also Brian’s daughter’s stepmother. Lindsay Russell. Brian had a daughter, Lindsey, who is the same age as Jordan, with his ex-wife. Brenda Russell. in the meantime documentary On Cheryl in 1999, Bryan revealed the reasoning behind his decision not to have children of his own together.

“I remember Jordan had issues. Brian said. “Our egos really wanted kids, so they brought these two girls in and threw them into this maelstrom. If we brought our babies into this mixture, this would be their safety.” We didn’t know, so we decided not to,” he concluded.

Sheryl Ladd family
Cheryl Ladd (c) with daughters Jordan Ladd and Brian Russell. (DFree/Shutterstock)

In the same documentary, Lindsay and Jordan both talked about the transition of blending their families together. Jordan called the process “a really tough transition.” Lindsay added, “It was important for Jordan and me to know that we were treated very equally.” “She was like a mother to me what my father was to Jordan,” Lindsay said.

Brian is a music producer

Besides being a father and devoted husband, Brian is also a music producer.his official IMDb page It boasts a total of six producer credits.he is best known for his work Rock Alien Voyage (1984), spell binder (1988) and from the hip (1987).Brian is also known for working on music about his wife Cheryl Ladd: Just Like Old Times, which he worked on as a producer. However, it’s not clear just how much more work Brian has done in the music industry since the late 1980s. His most recent IMDb credits are from 2013 and his 2017 appearances in two television his series.

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