Meet 11 teachers who create safe spaces for all students in their schools

Never underestimate the power of special classrooms.

Each morning, teachers arrive at school with lesson plans and activities to keep students motivated. But for many educators, the first step to successful learning is Creating a safe classroom A place where all students feel motivated to do their best.

“Students need to be seen and know they are part of this community,” says a third-grade teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Lucia Hernandez Share with E! news. “As a community, we all respect our learning styles and rely on each other in a safe environment when needed.”

many teachers all over the country Use your own money to create a classroom filled with supplies, decorations, inspiring posters and other necessities. But according to Lucia, a Facebook member of Parents Supporting Teachers: grouphelping build specialized classrooms doesn’t always come with a price tag.

“Parents can reach out and offer time to support the classroom, such as coming in to read a book about the community the school belongs to or sharing a personal story,” she said. “It helps create space and motivation for students to share their stories.”

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