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of america’s got talent Season 17 finale kicks off with pole dancers Christy SellersShe honored her daughter with an emotional performance and only had a week to put it together. Her performance received a standing ovation from the judges and set the tone for the night.

Judge and host Terry Crews will be on the first night of the finale. (NBC)

“That’s… wow” I was stunned Howie Mandel Say. He called this finale the “most powerful” finale to date, and thinks Christy is “the one to beat”. Simon Cowell Echoing Howie’s rave reviews, Kristy said it was “amazing” and “amazing”.

Mike E. Winfield Brings Laughter

magician Nicholas Lib Next. Like Christie, Nicholas pays tribute to his daughter in the performance. “The real magic is family,” an emotional Nicolas finally says. Heidi Klum What makes Nicholas so intriguing is that he feels like he’s created “a different kind of magic.” Simon is “a little disappointed” by the performance, but Howie wholeheartedly disagrees.

chapel heart I will be performing another original song called “American Pride”. Women are overwhelmed with emotion when they sing. Simon told Chapel Hart that the chorus was “beautiful”. He admits the vocals were “a little off”, but doesn’t think it matters. “I’m really glad you did,” he says. But Howie thinks his first two performances were better.

Mike E. Winfield
Mike E. Winfield’s standup routine was a triumphant moment. (NBC)

Mike E. Winfield hopes to be the first comedian to win AGTMoreHe comes out so strong it cracks the whole room. “You just did it,” raves Simon. Howie knows this is just the beginning for his Mike, and he hopes to work with him in the future.

Mayyas is called a million dollar act

Metaphysic takes a big swing and brings back the American icon in their finale performance. Elvis PresleyAlso Simon, Heidi, Sophia Vergara performance as well. Heidi calls Metaphysics “my absolute favorite act of the night so far.” Simon considers metaphysics to be “the most incredible and original act ever”. he’s not worriedmetaphysical intention Show in Las Vegas.

Maya Bring your A-game again with your finale performance. The visuals are really nice. Not a single mistake. The dance group gets a standing ovation. Sofia, who handed Mayyas her Golden Buzzer, was almost speechless, but she managed to say she was “great.” Heidi speaks up for her own feelings.

During the Mayyas finale performance. (NBC)

Simon added that the performance was “amazing” and thinks Maya will become a global sensation. Howie calls her Mayyas ‘favorite act of all time’ AGTMore

Avery Dixon, Terry Crews Golden Buzzer jams out to ‘Ain’t Nobody’ on saxophone Chaka Khan When RufusSimon tells Avery that it was a “great choice of songs” and “really well done”.ventriloquist and singer Celia Munoz Taking things to a new level with her latest performance. The judges have good things to say about Celia for her act, with Heidi calling her a “rare talent”.

Covered by Sarah James stranger things strike

Sarah James Taking big risks by doing a cover of ‘Running Up That Hill’ Kate BushShe puts her own spin on the song and knocks it out of the park. Simon, who gave Sarah her Golden Buzzer, says she hit “her one of the most iconic songs in the world.”Heidi thinks Sarah is one of them AGT’s “Biggest discovery of the season”

Avery Dixon
Avery Dixon playing saxophone. (NBC)

magician Houjinyu Wow again with his latest performance. Sophia doesn’t think Yu is just a wizard. To her, Yu “looks like magic”. Simon tells Yu that he is a “great showman” and that he is “getting better and better”.

The origin of the final performance of the night Drake Milligan“Sounds Like Something Eyed Do” performed again! He knows what works! Drake receives a standing ovation from the judges. Simon truly believes this is the “start” of Drake’s career. Sofia wants tickets to his concert, she admits. “You’re the one who will defeat me!”

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