Matthew Perry reveals he underwent surgery before Friends reunion

Matthew Perry aka Chandler friends rJust before meeting her Friends Reunion co-star, she revealed that she had to undergo “emergency dental surgery.”

6 page quote Matthew PerryIn a recent interview he gave to ABC, he added that “they did all sorts of things…” and that the procedure was ” [his] Mouth feels like fire. “People were worried about their health at the time because of Perry’s slurred speech and thousand-yard stare. Above.”

“So my choice was to go and do what I could,” he told an interviewer, referring to “the wear and tear on his voice and speech,” according to Page Six. , wrote a memoir in which she revealed that she had not used any drugs or alcohol in the past 18 months. Page Six further cites an interview with him, which also revealed that he had to replace all of his front teeth because one of them came out while eating peanut butter on toast.

Perry also revealed that she attended about 6,000 AA meetings, had 30 years of counseling, spent half her life in rehab or humble living facilities, and did about 65 detoxes. The actor confessed earlier this month that his colon ruptured due to substance abuse in 2018, and he horribly “nearly died.” Despite his public claims at the time that he had suffered a “gastrointestinal perforation”, he was forced to use a colostomy bag for nine months.

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“Doctors have told my family that I have a two percent chance of living,” he told People magazine in an article published earlier this month. I was put on something called an ECMO machine that does all the breathing in. It’s called Hail Mary.No one can survive it.

https://www.dnaindia.com/hollywood/report-matthew-perry-discloses-he-underwent-surgery-right-before-friends-re-union-2997422 Matthew Perry reveals he underwent surgery before Friends reunion

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