Matthew Perry reveals he underwent emergency surgery days before ‘Friends’ reunion

The “Friends” TV show has been a fan favorite for decades. Fans around the world have thoroughly enjoyed the show and it has been referenced on numerous occasions. The recent “Friends” reunion brought joy to many fans.

Matthew Perry recently revealed that he underwent emergency surgery just days before the reunion. Matthew revealed he was in a lot of pain after the surgery and was wondering if he should go ahead with filming the reunion. said he had a serious problem with his teeth.

I went into the shooting because I didn’t want to disappoint my fans. He also stated that his voice was hoarse during filming due to surgery. He said his teeth felt like they were on fire after the surgery was completed. But despite his pain, he decided to join his friends at the reunion. It sounded like the voice was broken, but I didn’t show up, so my choice was to just go and do what I could.”

Matthew also said he felt a great deal of pressure on himself to make people laugh in the special. He felt it was important to joke around and entertain everyone. He said: He’s certainly not healthy, but sometimes when he said a line he wouldn’t laugh and he would sweat and cramp.”

Matthew Perry also recently opened up about his struggle with addiction. He opened up about how his struggle with addiction led to his death in 2018. Matthew shared that his addiction had gotten so bad that the producers and his co-stars were all aware of it.

https://celebrityinsider.org/matthew-perry-opened-up-about-his-emergency-surgery-just-days-before-the-friends-reunion-535998/ Matthew Perry reveals he underwent emergency surgery days before ‘Friends’ reunion

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