Marvel Update Suggests ‘X-Men’ Might Be Further Than Fans Think

Marvel fans shouldn’t expect anything new x men Also fantastic four According to new details that have surfaced online regarding the film’s development, it has yet to be announced for a long time.

Marvel fans got an update on Marvel Studios’ upcoming films at this weekend’s D23 Expo.But with Marvel’s X-Men fantastic four The casting announcement, which many fans were hoping for, did not arrive.

Now, the insider’s scoop has revealed x men It may be further away than fans expected, and it’s unlikely the casting process has started fantastic four.

Deadline Scooper’s Justin Kroll is in the MCU’s x men “It hasn’t happened in a very long time,” while also confirming that casting decisions are unlikely to have been made. fantastic four.

When Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, the film rights to the X-Men were returned to Marvel Studios.Earlier reports said many actors who had previously appeared in Fox films x men Marvel couldn’t move forward with the reboot until this point, as the film had a contract that didn’t expire until 2025.

It’s not clear if such good casting deals are a factor in Marvel Studios’ timeline, but x men Reboot or not, it seems fans shouldn’t expect a movie featuring the X-Men until after Marvel’s current multiverse saga, which ends in the 2025s. Avengers: Secret Wars.

It was also confirmed that Kevin Feige aims to work closely with the director when casting major Marvel teams like Fantastic Four. given that there is fantastic fourit is possible that no casting decisions will be made for that film for some time.

The X-Men may not be back on the big screen for a while yet, though Kroll later revealed that by “a very long time” he probably meant about four years, but the team of mutants will be returning to the animated series. will appear. X-Men ’97 on Disney Plus.

X-Men ’97 Voice actors Kal Dodd, Lenore Zang, George Buza, Adrianne Hough, Christopher Britton, Catherine Disher, Chris Potter, Allison Seeley-Smith, and Allison Court are expected to return. The Disney Plus series also features the voice actors of Jennifer Hale, Aniwa Abuachie, Ray Chase, Matthew Waterson, JP Karliak, Holly Chow, Jeff Bennett, and AJ Locasio.

Stay tuned for all the latest news about the upcoming revival of the animated series. apply Check out our YouTube channel for more content.

Source: Deadline

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