Marvel risks being consumed by Disney’s obsession with nostalgia

Nostalgia was the theme of last weekend’s D23 presentation.Walt Disney, with a few exceptions

Now it’s mostly about reminding me of things I used to like (inside out When little mermaid). It’s also about guaranteeing certain demographics that movies and shows grew up with (Willow, Enchantment, Hocus Pocusetc.) is still the fairest of them all.most of the nostalgia Star Wars The show currently occurs between any of the following Revenge of the Sith When new hope or immediately after Return of the JediThe once-dismissed prequel trilogy Star Wars continue. Disney isn’t the only criminal. Top Gun: Maverick It currently accounts for $1.46 billion worldwide, jurassic world dominion Approaching $1 billion. However, it has also inspired the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Spider-Man: No Way Home It grossed $1.91 billion worldwide at the box office, in part due to Sam Raimi’s cross-generational nostalgia spiderman Trilogy and Director Mark Webb amazing spiderman Duology. The latter is enough whimsy that Sony ended up sharing Peter Parker with Disney and Marvel ($1.47 billion globally, but $490 million total with mixed reviews and declining buzz). It was thought to be on a dollar budget. Notable are Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Films. flash Highlighting Michael Keaton’s return as Bruce Wayne/Batman for the first time in 31 years. batman returnsAudience reception to . batman returns It was so divisive that Joel Schumacher replaced Tim Burton with something more child-friendly batman forever. Nostalgia wasn’t enough to save bat girlwhich featured Keaton as Wayne and current-generation nostalgia champion Brendan Fraser as Firefly, but I digress.

To the extent that the Marvel Cinematic Universe was the exception to the industry-wide rule, constantly introducing new heroes and villains, their big D23 presentation was largely rooted in solace in the familiar and the unknown. The entire theatrical lineup for 2022 and 2023 is sequel-centric, with follow-ups including: Doctor Strange, Thor, Black Panther, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Guardians of the Galaxy When captain marvelThe only ‘new’ film on the horizon is blade When fantastic fourall parties are waiting with bated breath x men and/or the inclusion of Doctor Doom. Despite Covid delays, Shang-Chi was the only breakout newbie to get his own solo film during 2019 (captain marvel) and, uh, at least early 2026 (after three complete phases and the entire Multiverse Saga).

Yes, Disney+ is introducing new heroes on the small screen.However, the next batch of new, younger, more inclusive heroes will be grafted onto existing superheroes. Doctor Strange in the Mad MultiverseYelena Belova is Natasha Romanoffv’s adopted sister. Stature and The Wasp are clearly tied to Ant-Man. Ironheart is set as a new Iron Man-esque hero. Sam Wilson is the “next Captain America.” Jessica Walters is Bruce Banner’s cousin. Kate Bishop has been positioned to replace Clint Barton/Hawkeye. Meanwhile, Suicide Squad When Suicide Squad It had a mix of old and new villains from across the DC Universe, thunderbolt It is compromised mainly by characters from black widow And the Captain America myth.

In a vacuum, it makes sense. the avengers It was to collect previously established heroes. It also refers to patterns.flat Wakanda Forever It’s (probably) partly about who takes over the mantle of Black Panther, but it gets a pass for obvious reasons. Feige and his friends are at least trying to make the next generation a fan favorite. Star Wars Terminology) Beginners like Ray, Poe, and Finn, with or without (mostly) white elders who can (commercially) be self-supporting. Despite this, Marvel has pretty much done away with what has become Hollywood’s most recognizable brand. That means creating a standalone idiosyncratic origin story/introductory superhero movie featuring characters that are completely new (to the MCU).

yes, moon knight When Ms. Marvel (featuring a main character who is a die-hard MCU fan) was a Disney+ show about new heroes.However, the news discussed on Saturday concerned the return of cast members (Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders). secret invasion), a direct sequel (Captain America: New World Order When daredevil) and hybrid sequels like marvels Team Carol Danvers Ms. Marvelwith Kamala Khan of Wanda Visionof Monica Rambeau. Save new versions of familiar heroes like Blade, the Fantastic Four, and (eventually) the X-Men. Shangqi It could be the only successful beginner solo film in almost a decade.of hoping crazy multiversewhere Stephen Strange hands Ms. Chavez the metaphorical knife becomes a template as we go along, as he can’t save his way.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2022/09/12/marvel-risks-being-consumed-by-disneys-obsession-with-nostalgia/ Marvel risks being consumed by Disney’s obsession with nostalgia

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