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marlo hampton Season 14 of S.H.I.E.L.D. Real Housewives of Atlantabut in Part 1 of the Sept. 11 reunion, she said Andy Cohen Despite her best efforts, not much has changed. Marlo revealed that when she visited, her mother had not spent much time with her nephew. She said she longed for a mother-daughter relationship Kandi Burrus with her own mom.

“She went through a lot because she didn’t know how to be a mother. , because I had to.I’m alone – many [cast] Marlo tearfully admits to Andy, explaining that after running away from home at age 10, he went to five different nursing homes, from foster care to “getting older” at age 18.

Marlo said the first time she came home was because her mother had “beaten” her “badly” and she was “tired of being beaten.” She has admitted that she still loves her mother, but that doesn’t take away the trauma she endured. And another foster parent also told her to leave after feeling the woman’s daughter was attracting attention with Marlo. Basically, Marlo didn’t feel love was worthy enough. “I was mad at the world,” she said. “it hurts.”

Marlo explained that she still struggles to feel accepted. lore“‘Well, why not me? Work hard. Why am I not worthy?’ [my co-stars] Said [in the past]’ She just wanted to ‘fit in,’ she further said.

And when Andy asks Kenya Moore If Marlo was the housewife she was expecting, she said no.

“It’s really disappointing because I think she just went the other way instead of really showing people that she had a great heart and was a great friend,” Marlo said. She supported Kenya during a difficult time with her estranged husband, Mark dailythis season, Kenya said Marlo flipped it over and “weaponized it” during an argument.

Marlo defended his actions by saying he had been through a lot in his life. “I can only imagine what I went through,” she said tearfully, slapping her co-star for speaking ill of her, but before anyone else could speak up, the part 1 has finished.

Want more drama?new episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta It airs on Bravo on Sundays at 8pm.

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