Margot Robbie says she was horrified when crowds surrounded ‘Barbie’ set in Los Angeles

This year, pictures of Amsterdam actress Ryan Gosling, 32, and Ryan Gosling in a brightly colored outfit were taken around Los Angeles. As a result, the photo went viral on the Internet almost every day. Robbie told The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon how she really feels about the paparazzi images that were taken behind the scenes of the production while she was on the show this week. We talked about Taka.

By the way, when Fallon brought up one of the images of them rollerblading in fluorescent clothes, she couldn’t tell us how embarrassed we were about this. It may look like we are, but the reality is that we are slowly crumbling inside of us. Dead. I thought to myself that this was the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened in my life.

Robbie said he was surprised by the amount of attention the photo received on the internet and didn’t expect it. I should have known that I would be pupped when I started doing

You know, those clothes make us stand out a little bit from the crowd, so those who pay attention will definitely be the few people. It had a good chance of getting distributed, but I didn’t expect it to get so much attention. it was insane. There always seemed to be hundreds of people watching.

https://celebrityinsider.org/margot-robbie-has-stated-that-she-was-terrified-when-a-large-crowd-of-people-surrounded-the-set-of-barbie-in-los-angeles-533423/ Margot Robbie says she was horrified when crowds surrounded ‘Barbie’ set in Los Angeles

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