Mammootty v Grace Antony v Bindhu Panicker Redefines Revenge

Language: Malayalam

cast: Mammootty, Grace Antony, Bindhu Panicker, Jagadish, Sanju Sivram, Kottayam Nazeer, Sharafudheen, Ira Noor, Cameo: Asif Ali

Director: Nisam Bashir

Star Rating: 3.5/5

Something is not right about Luke Antony (Mammootty).in the opening chapter of rorschach, the situation smells suspicious when this wealthy NRI walks into a local police station to report the disappearance of his wife Sophia. Unsurprisingly, Luke’s claim that they were in a car accident and that she was gone by the time he regained consciousness works well with at least one sentient observer, police officer Ashraf (Jagadish). not in harmony.

When Luke refused to leave the place until Sophia was found, speculation about his intentions spread among the villagers. His insatiable quest for a missing spouse turns out to be something no one could have predicted – neither Ashraf nor local factory owner Sujatha (Grace Antony), neither does her mother-in-law Seetha (Bindu Panicker). Rorschach – Written by Sameer Abdul and directed by Nisam Basheer – is unpredictable in more ways than anyone could have guessed.

The film’s events are sparked by individuals who destroy the happiness of others, but who don’t live to suffer revenge. How do you punish the dead? rorschach It redefines revenge and challenges our definition of life itself.

rorschach Its name derives from the Rorschach test, which assesses a subject’s psychology based on the perception of visual patterns created by an inkblot to explain the layman’s understanding. The title is as much about living, dying, his notion of when a human being is truly finished, and our own perception of who is who, who is dead, and who is alive by this end. , pointing to Luke’s tortured and possibly broken heart. Saga.

but rorschach It’s spooky and intriguing from the start, but it took me a while to fully immerse myself. This is because either you find the pacing boring and intriguing, the music and sound design sometimes intimidating, and the English of the songs that accompany the narrative are ill-suited to this rustic Kerala setting. In certain Malayalam films, English and Hindi tend to appear out of place, undermining the film’s roots. Some Malayalam filmmaker’s reverence for retaining these two languages ​​of his is one of the undesirable extremes of the spectrum, while Hindi supremacism, at its opposite end, is almost allows Hindi filmmakers to ignore the diversity of Indian languages ​​everywhere. Hindi Belt. Thankfully, rorschachThe lyricist of 12th male When love action dramaand the song fits the mood of the film despite its occasional unnecessary volume.

Moreover, rorschach As relentless as Luke is, it’s designed to chip away at the viewer’s skepticism bit by bit so that she gives in to its temptations. It was about 40 minutes into the 150-minute run that I realized that what appeared to be sounds artificially crammed into the film’s audioscape were actually actual memories from Luke’s past. I got up as this revelation comes in a flashback that slipped seamlessly into the story.

rorschach Plunging from the past into the present, into Luke’s imagination, and into the real world, to proudly present the script and pit Kiran Das for some of the best editing trophies when the next awards season begins. Equally admirable is Nimish Ravi’s cinematography, which captures dark house interiors, troubled faces, giant mountains, and lonely forests. rorschach Roaming and construction of an intimidatingly spacious semi-finished home by a production design team.

There is no greater joy in life than watching Mammootty completely submit to a script. The star who risked his macho reputation by playing a reluctant cop in Khalidh Rahman’s film Unda (2019), starred in Ratheena PT’s as a snobbish casteist bigotry Puju Earlier this year, we’re featuring Gray characters here.Mamucca’s weakness in the last few decades has been his reluctance to acknowledge his actual age on screen. rorschach However, both the camera and makeup are used to show the fatigue on Luke’s skin and gracefully portray Luke as an older man. Although not the 71-year-old that Mammootty really is, she is much older than her young boyfriend who pretends to be young. that he has appeared in many of the low-cost commercial films; Mamucca imbues every line of Luke’s frame with fatigue, but Luke’s eyes are empty, tired, sad, determined, and burning with rage.

Rorschach Movie Review Mammootty v Grace Antony v Revenge Redefined with Bindu Panicker

Sure enough, an artist who looks as young as his (granddaughter) plays Sophia. i have a dream. One day, the director of Mammootty’s star actor realizes the ageism that leads to casting in his 20s or his 30s, and his sister, lover, and wife realize that Mammootty women are patriarchal and harmful. I dream that I will be able to give up my views. Age is not appropriate for these roles and steps her/him into seeing the absurdity of the resulting pairing. I have a dream…

As it happens, only a snippet of Sophia and Luke’s conversation rorschach.

Apart from that, it’s a measure of respect for Mammootty’s writing and directing rorschach Despite being a megastar of this project and its producers, he doesn’t monopolize screen time here. Given half a dozen. Actually, but rorschach is a Mamucca film and also belongs to the formidable performances of Grace Antony as a gritty woman trying to understand Luke and Bindu Panicker as a mother who goes to great lengths to maintain her family’s social status. increase. This movie would not be complete without Sujatha and Seetha. Both roles are written with a keen eye for detail.

treatment of women in rorschach It is a vast improvement on Nisam’s previous directorial work, Kettiyolane Ente Malaka (2019). That film was a milestone in the sense that it recognized the existence of marital rape and articulated it as a crime. This is a rarity, not only in Indian cinema, but in general discourse as a whole, but it messed up by prioritizing the man’s journey. A story woman who asked to give equal space to both.

Malayalam cinema has already delivered us two solid revenge dramas in 2022. Puju When Innerle Valle. rorschach It differs from them in the way it defies genre boundaries with its paranormal elements and psychological thriller’s existential questions. This movie teases Luke’s brain from the moment he walks into that police station. It’s not scary in a conventional way, but it presents a terrifying vision of the depths of a vengeful and possibly broken psyche. Never speed things up for the sake of.instead he molds rorschach It tested my patience at first, but gradual dividends paid out as the minutes passed.

In the early stages rorschach As the search party traverses the rocky riverbed, Nimish Ravi’s camera is pulled out and climbs higher and higher until those humans are out of sight. If I can’t see you, does that mean that you don’t exist? Conversely, the human faces we see when we look up at the moon, people staring at us through mosaic tiles, and the reflections in ink stains. , do you exist because I see you? These questions will linger long after the credits roll out. rorschach It’s not playing on the screen in front of me as I write this, but it’s still playing in my head.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rorschach in the theater

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