Maduri Dixit’s talent remains unused due to her bad movie choices

Maduri Dixit in the movie Maja Ma.news 18 hindi

Anand Tiwari Maja Ma Streaming on Prime Video, a well-meaning movie gone awry. But it’s the treatment and the talk that misfire badly.

dixit is badly written role

Half-baked characters with false accents, an inexplicable desperate need to incorporate bizarre cartoon sequences, and regressive manifestations of conservative thinking, the film has confused priorities. It’s Maduri Dixit who shines brightest and takes center stage in a badly written role in .

Since reappearing in 2007 after a five-year hiatus, Dixit has mostly given her best to regular Hindi films. It didn’t help that she rarely worked.

Able to take on tough challenges

Dixit is capable of tackling tough challenges, as she did when she played the cunning and greedy widow Bigham in Abhishek Chaubey’s expertly directed black comedy. Dade Ishkiya (2014).her performance Dade Ishkiya A statement of her acting ability revealed in the right context, it became a critically acclaimed film.

Despite her height, Dixit works in the industry making over Rs 100 crore films for over 50 men playing much younger characters.

Audiences are drawn to theaters to watch some attractive male-centric movies. At 55 today, she left her days far behind as a megastar who played female lead roles in her big-budget blockbusters.

Dixit’s appeal as a dancer performing on screen has waned considerably. However, she is a great actress and is able to diversify her cinematic appeal.

Sadly, the real-life graph of her post-holiday career in Bollywood shows that she rarely gets it right while signing on the dotted line. was seen as a supporting role of a prostitute in the film. Calanques (2019), whose story unfolds in Husnabad, pre-independence Lahore.

Dixit, who played a character whose past is a key character in romantic dramas, shone in several sequences that revealed her standout performer. Young actors like Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt had to be spotlighted in films that failed to move viewers like one Sanjay Leela Bhansari.

Dixit has also ventured into the realm of Indra Kumar’s comics. total damara masala film with formidable acting talent, including Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgan, Boman Irani and Arshad Warsi who played husband and partner.

Add to that the film’s talented star cast, and you’ve got a front-row, friendly, laugh-inducing moment turned upside down. total damar to the box office. Her performance playing an effervescent woman with her marriage in jeopardy and having a wild gold chase with her husband was a spontaneous performance that the average viewer loved.

but the problem was that total damar (2019) is the kind of film most of us would easily forget for a moment’s enjoyment.

Choice matters

Showing what superstar power can achieve when she’s at her peak — she was able to attract viewers even in bad movies. Dixit may have chosen the path of her acting evolution after she returned to film in 2007. Given her well-known ability to turn moments into memories, it’s unlikely she didn’t get a good script.

More likely, she made the wrong choice, resulting in some unremarkable films.Led by Anil Mehta, loosely scripted Aja Nakul (2007), her first film after a sabbatical, playing a woman who returns from New York to her hometown in India to try to save her dance academy from being demolished, but was largely unimpressed.

sumik sen graab gang (2014) was expected to be a memorable Dixit-Juhi Chawla clash before its release, but guillotined its potential to make a compelling film. Seen in the role of a female gang leader who takes up the cause of the downtrodden, Dixit was overshadowed by the striking Chawla as a ruthless politician. I wasn’t surprised.

The appeal of Madhuri Dixit cannot be judged by box office statistics. However, many of her fans will be disappointed by her inability to reinvent herself when her mainstream Bollywood is more adventurous than it used to be.

Dixit can deliver excellent results, but only if she chooses scripts that are artistically challenging — which may not be easy.

The author is a freelance writer. Views expressed are personal.

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