Madonna announces she’s gay!Or you really misunderstand TikTok

Madonna remains a legend in her music. She is an industry icon.

fan is praised her skill current events and survived her really disgusting momentthat too.

But Madonna’s latest post leaves some people a little confused. Might be so Be good news.

Did Madonna just come out as gay?

Madonna coming out as gay in a TikTok meme wasn’t on the 2022 bingo sheet.

On Sunday, October 9, the living legend went to her TikTok account with a pair of big magenta panties.

As the music played, her screen displayed the text, “If I miss you, I’m gay!”

The meme format will be explained later.

The camera angle of the TikTok video is then adjusted to show an approximate profile view of Madonna.

With one hand on your hip and the other arm up, ready to fling your panties to an initially unknown destination.

Madonna threw her underwear into the air and landed on the clean marble floor.

Notably, it doesn’t land on metal bins — its apparent goalposts.

I didn’t make it to my destination (literally), so my underwear seems to say something.

Madonna then turns to face the camera and appears to shrug one arm.

“If I miss, I’m gay!” continues to appear on the screen throughout.

The video makes it seem like Madonna is coming out as gay, or in catchy terms, bisexual or another part of the LGBTQ+ community.

I couldn’t help but convert this moment into a GIF.

Now we promised an explanation.

This includes details on why some people aren’t sure if Madonna will really come out.

Photo by Getty Images

The “if you miss it” casual meme is much older than TikTok.

Their usual purpose is to reveal information, such as announcing news about college acceptances and graduations.

And yes, many people have used it to come out as gay or bisexual over the years.

madonna in blue
Madonna wears a lot of clothes in this photo. Specifically, she’s wearing a blue one.

Like the conceptually similar “floor” meme, it usually states a premise.

And answer by missing or not missing whether the premise is true or not.

This is a video, so it’s not a fluke. You can redo it until you are satisfied.

celebrities who have adopted children
Photo by Getty Images

Obviously, this means someone posts “if you missed it, you couldn’t be on Duke”. No Miss to share their good news.

Madonna’s good news came in the form of her panties falling to the floor.

But… are you leaving on purpose?this appear We like it, but some fans want to clarify before celebrating.

Misha Collins is best known for his role on Supernatural. should be known.

In the spring of 2022, Misha Collins opened up about being bisexual in an interview with a fan.

it took him day to day To publicly reveal that he somehow, surprisingly, got it wrong.

Everyone is in charge of their own label, and it’s quite possible to mislead them. But this sort of thing helps people understand why fans see ambivalence as a cause for suspicion.

Madonna looks contemplative in 2020
Madonna looks deep in thought in this stunning photo shared to Instagram by the famous singer.

For example, this kind of meme can confuse people.

Not everyone intuitively understands the meme format. This was seen a few years ago during the “Tide Pod Challenge” era.

Most of the “eat the pod” videos are fake and show some editing and manual dexterity. A handful of people aspiring for influence have since attempted to imitate these videos. The results were literally toxic.

Earnings from her Rebel Heart Tour reached $170 million, and she also earned income from her perfume and clothing lines.

So Madonna and perhaps others may mistake “If I Miss” for a game rather than an announcement.

Instead of deliberately hit and miss to tell a story, you can drop your chips (and your underwear) anywhere.

You can imagine a woman in her 60s grasping the nuances of the TikTok meme format sometimes going out of touch.

madonna grammy costume
This is what Madonna wore at the 2015 Grammy Awards. Feel free to throw in your own jokes here.

That being said, there are young people around Madonna. And she’s been an icon in the LGBTQ+ community for decades.

Some come out with age.one of the inspiration own league I recently came out as a lesbian at age 95.

If Madonna is sharing this great news, which certainly seems likely, congratulations. It doesn’t hurt if it’s not, but if you’re famous and doing memes, double check with someone a few decades younger.

https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2022/10/madonna-announces-that-shes-gay-or-just-really-misunderstands-tiktok/ Madonna announces she’s gay!Or you really misunderstand TikTok

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