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Madonna‘s new music video is one hot and steamy show! The 64-year-old pop icon has teamed up with a Dominican rapper Tokisha In the new music video for “Hung Up on Tokischa,” a remix of their 2005 hit “Hung Up,” released on September 20. Madonna and Tokisha, 26, are seen dancing, caressing, and locking lips with each other in many of their sexual videos about being head over heels for someone, or “hanging up.” was singing about Madonna sang the song’s chorus, the rising rapper sang a verse in Spanish, and Madonna accompanied her on the third.

Madonna and Tokisha kissed passionately multiple times in the music video for “Hung Up on Tokischa” (Photo courtesy of YouTube)

they also wore some sexy costumesMadonna turned into a few looks, including short silky shorts and black lace bodysuitThere was another hot look mother of six A set of matching pink silky pants featuring black thigh-high boots, a black lace bustier and a butt-length slit and cropped jacket. In her one of Tokischa’s skimpy outfits, she wore a tight white cropped tank and her blue jeans, with white thongs well visible over it.

Madonna kisses Tokisha
Madonna and Tokisha were smitten with each other in sexy new video (Photo: Courtesy of YouTube)

The erotic video was shot in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City. 6 pages, disturbed the neighborhood, resulting in the police being called to check in on the production. No subpoena was issued and production was able to resume.

Madonna and Tokisha premiered their collaboration via a live performance at Madonna’s Pride event at Terminal 5 in New York in June. The pair kissed on stage, foresaw what would happen in the music video.son of a singer David Banda16, and went on stage with her For the event, he danced with her while enthusiastically interacting with the crowd.

‘Hung Up’ is Madonna’s off confession on the dance floorThe music video debut follows Madonna’s massive release in August. A compilation of all 50 songs, her album took her to No. 1 on the Billboard Her Dance Club Songs chart throughout her career. The ‘Vogue’ singer said he would make an album called Last Enough Love: 50 Number Oness seemed to “take a trip down memory lane” in an Aug. 18 chat. magazineShe continues: Most importantly, it made me realize that dance music has always meant something to me. “

https://hollywoodlife.com/2022/09/21/madonna-tokischa-kiss-hung-up-on-tokischa-music-video/ Madonna and Rapper Tokischa Kiss in ‘Hung Up On Tokischa’ Music Video – Hollywood Life

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