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Badhaai Ho changed the course of Gajraj Rao’s career.Since then, the actor has impressed us with his immense talent. Maduri Dixit Anand Tiwari’s movie Maja Ma, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. In a candid chat, he talks about his journey, the cinematic zone he belongs to, and his motivation for working at Maja Ma – Maduri Dixit. Excerpts:

What part of Maja Ma appealed to you the most?

This is a family drama, with Gujarati vibes in color and spirit, but neither stereotypical nor language-centric. The name Madhuri Dixit was enough to make this film. The biggest motivation was her presence in the movies. Unko itna dekha hua hai, unko itna her dream chart She is high so it was a big thing for me to be able to work with her and be given an important role with her. I am from Delhi, where I remember flocking to cinemas to see her films, Hum Aapke Hain Koun and her Prahaar, from when she was doing theater there. I think Madurij’s journey is reminiscent of Lekaji. Because both managed to strike a fine balance between stylized commercial films and intense films (like Mrichudan). The way it seamlessly switched between personas in different kinds of movies was brilliant.

Ever thought you’d one day be paired with Maduri Dixit onscreen?

I didn’t think it was possible. When Anand Tiwari first offered me the role, I thought she must be for something, but she read the script and thought it was Maduriji’s husband! friends couldn’t believe it. they called and asked. you are her hero! I told you it wasn’t about hero heroine. It’s a family story.i don’t belong to shah rukh khan, Anil Kapoor’s Hero Zone. The role requires certain talents and traits, which I don’t have. I can act a little, and I’m glad I was able to play this role. I have a background in theater, and in the world I belonged to, I could only admire someone like her from afar.

With such a talented actor, why did you find it difficult to work with someone like Maduri?

Agar aap gully cricket khelte ho with a tennis ball, and someone says to you, ‘Gajraj, you got to play a proper match. Sachin Tendulkar At the Wankhede Stadium’, this was that feeling. Madhuriji shoots the movie the way Tendulkar plays cricket. They are both excellent in their craft. Her experience working with her and being by her side for promotions exceeded my expectations. Once she’s on set, she’s no longer Maduri Dixit. On set, she was her Pallavi Patel (her character in Maja Ma). She aligns with the character on and off camera.

Are you happy that movies are finally moving from the typical hero and heroine subject matter to character-driven narratives like Maja Ma?

Event movies like Baahubali require larger-than-life characters because they are made to a certain scale.what i like tom cruise, Shah Rukh Khan or Tiger Shroff bring to the table. High-paying entertainers need heroic charisma, and so do we. Because they are ambitious. Aap hero ko filmon se hata nahi sakte because real life mein hero bahut kam hote hai. Like a parallel universe, two kinds of movies can coexist. Amitabh Bachchan reigned as a superstar, but at the same time there was Amol Parekar who the common man could relate to. Rekhaji was doing pot boilers, but so was Umrao Jaan. There are spaces for both types of cinema.

Has OTT changed the actor’s game? Do you think the medium has become more age and gender inclusive?

With no Friday pressure, OTT has democratized things. Theaters need big faces for big openings. AUDIENCE shaayad Gajraj Rao, Ritwik Bhowmik, ya Srishti Shrivastava ke naam pe theater mein nahi jayegi. I can’t. As such, the theater needs actors who are talented and have a certain amount of stardom. OTT doesn’t have that constraint, so you can tell your story freely. You can cast actors strictly based on their acting ability rather than their stardom. Scripting is the web’s new hero because people have the power of their remote control.It’s the golden age of actors and engineers. Look at Raveena Tandon, Sushmita Sen And Juhi Chawla… they are doing a very good job at OTT. The box office might have made it difficult to write the relevant parts in a commercial film. Good writers are in demand now because they have that freedom.

Maja Ma’s story revolves around family. How was the atmosphere on set?
The bond and interaction between me and the family members Maduriji, Litwik and Srishti (playing the children) in this film is amazing. There was warmth, love and laughter on set. No one rushed home after filming. We played an untakshay and silly charade, but a lot of credit goes to MD for bringing that energy to the set. For other stars, their entourage can be overwhelming, but her team is like flies against a wall. Unlike many successful stars, she doesn’t wear superstar status. Working with her felt like a beautiful dream.

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