Love Is Blind’s Bartise admits he made a ‘mess’ on the show

love is blind Star Bertis Bowden He confessed that he may not have treated himself well on the show.

In the latest episode of love is blind The couple, who were dropped on Oct. 26, got together for a pool party from hell. Bertis Bowden i couldn’t stop talking to him Raven Ross Telling other guys how hot she is, how hot Raven is, and basically telling everyone who will listen, including his fiancé Nancy Rodriguezhow hot is Raven?

Now he seems to approve of his actions.

and TikTok posted on October 29he replied to one user who said, “What…wow B, wow. Just finished watching episodes 5-7.

“What’s Bartis’ reaction? ‘Thank you for doing this,'” the Texas native said to the camera. make. oh my god. “

That night, when Bertis and Nancy returned to his room, he couldn’t resist calling Raven over again, telling her how “gorgeous” his Pilates instructor was, and he and Raven realized with the naked eye. I told her I could.

The show also indicated that the couple were divided on political views, raising questions about compatibility and family approval.

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