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In the SonyLiv’s scene good bad girl, Maya, played by Samridhi Dewan, accuses a woman of being hit in the breast who has cancer. “Cancer bitch!” Maya proclaims, she angrily but coldly, after an altercation devolves into an inquest over her hidden but apparently exaggerated circumstances. This is an underdog’s story told from a rare bullish point of view about morality and its many disadvantages.Mujhe jhooth bolna acha lagta hai‘” Maya explained at one point as to why she wanted to pursue law. good bad girl As the name suggests, it’s a fast and loose series that implies honesty in principle and as a tool. Should you be honest with what is asked of them, or with the reality you are given? It’s a question that can be probed in a subtle and interesting way.

good bad girl tells the story of Maya, an ambitious young woman who believes that all lies are subject to the fairness of truth when faced with the opportunity. Maya is a lawyer at a relatively well-paid but struggling law firm. She noticed a lump in her own breast. More than the former’s horror, it’s the latter’s notoriously liberating institution that she chooses to focus on: Maya lies that she has cancer. One lie turns into many lies, and it’s also a commentary on a meticulously crafted lesson. One person’s disability may be another person’s last hope for dignity. Maya finds her love, respect and her naked opportunity in the tragic roles she chooses to play.

The show frequently goes to her past where a young Maya trains herself in the art of lying. In this case, lying about your lack of privilege is probably the same as lying about your inherited freedom of choice. It’s a neat little dilemma, but it’s never framed as a debatable contradiction. For example, in one scene Maya’s father suggests that she can pretend she took a flight (using an airline tag) to go to a college full of eligible teenagers. The same father is horrified to discover that her daughter is making money selling virtual sexual favors to strangers, the complexities of intent and initiation never to be faced.

I have a lot of favorite things good bad girlThe supporting characters are often hilarious, even darker in terms of the competitiveness they bring to the protagonist’s woes. Guru Panag, both take pleasure in themselves as reluctant bosses. But the highlight of the series is Dewan, perfectly cast as a manipulative yet soft-looking outsider who continues to punch against the grain, sometimes at the expense of her own sanity. can sometimes seem evil because it wants the obvious, but here it’s humanized with a touch of inherited trauma. She suffers from a complex that goes far beyond her desire to fit into an environment. It’s a surprisingly accurate insight into the kinds of structures that are sacrificed.

However, not everything in the series is finely tuned. Maya’s life and career can be contingent, despite the fact that the law is occasionally teased as the very profession that encourages her to lie and cheat. , at some point it’s likely that Maya’s current unabashed approach to life will start to eat into it. It would have been braver to let it be occupied. The long journey to some sort of inevitable event builds gradually, but it’s not without contradictions in tone between Maya’s life and the life she craves. .

good bad girl You can hit a few wrong notes, but it’s a lot of fun. Maya’s undefined relationship with her doctor quietly reveals how our story begins its journey beyond the removal of charm Dewan is incredible as a resilient but ultimately flawed woman who takes her time to reconsider the consequences of her actions. An underdog, and that pettiness makes her charming, perhaps hesitant yet relatable. The show is packed with entertainment sans, mostly with incumbent frivolity.

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