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Lisa Gay Tomlinson as Veronica and Craig Backman as Hogan. Photo by Maria Ployos.

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – Noho Arts theater review Cheshire Moons and Crimson Square Theater Company in a production of David Auburn’s “Lost Lake” starring Lisagae Tomlinson and Craig Buckman at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, directed by Faye Viviana.

I have seen several plays at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, all produced by the Crimson Square Theater Company and they have all been excellent. “Lost Lake” is no exception.

It’s a beautifully paced and emotional exploration of how two people who wouldn’t normally see each other are thrown together and the crossroads of their lives change over the course of a few days in one summer.

Veronica visits a potential lakefront rental property with the intention of booking a week in the summer for her and her children. Hogan is the owner of the cabin and, despite its dilapidated condition, does his best to sell Veronica based on his thoughts that it is the best cabin on the lake and with Veronica’s obvious reservations. I’m here. Veronica didn’t have much luck with the other cabins she checked out, imagine a recently widowed young black woman with two children wouldn’t offer good prospects for the very ‘conservative’ locals. However, Hogan seems so keen to lend her that Veronica leaps and leaves Hogan with a deposit, even though the cabin is rough on the edge.

NoHo Arts theater review and production of
Lisa Gay Tomlinson as Veronica and Craig Backman as Hogan. Photo by Maria Ployos.

Fast forward a few weeks when Veronica arrives with the kids to find that very little maintenance Hogan promised to do to the house has actually been done, his clothes are still in the draw and a deep cleaning is needed. Frustrated but determined to make the most of her time with her children, Veronica decides to stay.

Having just lost her nursing job and in danger of losing her nursing license, she has other worries. Hogan has his own issues, including sleeping in the truck while renting her house and fighting with the brother who co-owns the cabin. The two find out much more about each other’s troubles than either of them would have liked, and eventually become friends of sorts.

These are two people with very different backgrounds and very different pains, but something changes for each other…for better or worse. This is a play about expectations. what we have about ourselves and what our lives will be like. What the “others” have about each other, even if they don’t know who or what they are. And what we all have to do, alone or not, to change our destinies.

Lisa Gay Tomlinson as Veronica is amazing. Like ice, like steel. Completely broken, but stoic and very human in her pain. She takes us on quite the journey, from her first meeting to her final words. It really works great and is completely reliable.

Craig Backman as Hogan is on par with her in every way. He gets to the core of this character. What could have been a stereotype is nuanced, layered, and perfectly sympathetic. His ability to charm someone just by wanting to please them while clearly lying like a child would is very effective.

So, with these two great actors and a play full of richly illustrated drama and hard and harsh truths about the world, why isn’t this performance great? The set is also the star of the play, as it feels like you’re in a scruffy little cabin on the edge of a lake in late summer.

NoHo Arts theater review and production of
Lisa Gay Tomlinson as Veronica and Craig Backman as Hogan. Photo by Maria Ployos.

“Lost Lake” is truly an emotional roller coaster. We are heartbroken for these two and their “lost” lives.

The way they relate to each other, the small deceptions that are allowed, and the depth of understanding on a level they can never really know is what makes “The Lost Lake” such a revelation. And it’s a sweet story about two people who can save each other for absolutely no reason.

Seeing the generosity of their beautiful and very reluctant hearts also saves us a little bit. There is so much hostility in the world: war, hatred, mistrust.

‘Lost Lake’ gives us a few hours in a world where there might be hope for all of us. Bravo!

NoHo Arts theater review and production of
Lisa Gay Tomlinson as Veronica and Craig Backman as Hogan. Photo by Maria Ployos.

This glow is only a few weeks away.


Held until October 9
8 p.m. Friday and Saturday
Sunday 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm


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