Loni Love shows off 37 lb weight loss

After showing off her amazing weight loss makeover, Loni Love Surprised her fans.

The comedian, who lost 37 pounds, showed off how her physical attributes changed over the course of four months by uploading before and after photos of her previous project in a Facebook post on Sept. 8. Did.

Love captioned, “To date, I have lost 37 pounds (still a long way to go.. top photo taken in April 2022..). Image below in August 2022 Filmed Live on @mentoringqueens Weekends Check out the listings in your area Take some time to tweak it You’ll get there.

Many of the 51-year-old’s followers read the post and praised them for losing weight. Thank you for your motivation.

Regardless of your weight, you are incredibly beautiful. However, congratulations on your change. I know losing weight can be very difficult, but you’re crushing it.

Amazing. You’ve always had great looks and I hope you feel great too.

Loni, come in now! We love you no matter what, but we love you even more when you love everything about you! we are here for you Please support your wonderful work. Great job, big deal weighing 37 pounds. We are satisfied with you and your excellent work.

Several social media users mentioned in a previous comment how they could tell a difference in Love’s face from the weight loss. “said. Please support your wonderful work. This is achievable. Someone said, “Yeah, I’ve seen it in your face, ladies.” Keep striving for achievement!

https://celebrityinsider.org/loni-love-shows-off-her-weight-loss-of-37-pounds-532590/ Loni Love shows off 37 lb weight loss

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