Long-range cash register forecast: Operation Guy Ritchie’s “Luck”: Ruse De Guerre

Photo: STXfilms (“Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre”)

This week’s report focuses on how Guy Ritchie’s latest film tracks the ensemble a few weeks before its March 18 release in domestic theaters.

Focus Features’ release is also scheduled for the same weekend Meeting and Lionsgate’s Indomitable boybut at present we make no predictions for either.

Current forecast ranges for broad issues through mid-March are available in the chart below.

Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre
March 18th


  • In recent years, the Guy Ritchie fan base has proven to be a relatively successful series Gentlemen and The wrath of manboth of which have largely returned to the director’s genre roots.

    The first was $ 10.65 million in January 2020, before surpassing $ 36.5 million in the state, even as the pandemic cut the back end of its cycle. The wrath of manAt the same time, in May last year it did the same, dividing $ 8.3 million by $ 27.5 million, just at a time when major theaters were reopening and vaccines were becoming widespread.

  • Men’s thrillers were a workhorse in an era of pandemic recovery for theater owners. The senior part of this demographic group will be the focus here, and an additional comedic aspect should help it appeal to fans Gentlemen.
  • Although marketing has yet to succeed, its trailer release and early tracking are encouraging. Lack of direct competition other than opening two weeks later Batmanshould also contribute to what is expected to be a theatrically exclusive show.


  • The aforementioned proximity to Batman should not be discounted completely, as this film will still be strong in its third frame, if the reception and word of mouth will give. The lost city also opens in a week, which can moderately cut the target audience here.
  • As a rather niche genre project from Ritchie and another modest budget that has to fit, expectations need to be moderated and focused outside of the weekend performance.

Distant forecast of cash fees and calendar for 2022
(as of 18.02.22)

Release date Title 3-day (FSS) low / high range opening Determine the% change from last week Internal Total low / high range Determine the% change from last week Approximate number of locations Distributor
02/25/2022 Cyrano (extension) n / a n / a 750 Issued by United Artists
02/25/2022 Godfather (50 years) n / a n / a 156 Paramount Pictures
02/25/2022 Studio 666 n / a n / a n / a Open road movies
03/04/2022 Batman $ 135,000,000 – $ 175,000,000 -2% $ 340,000,000 – $ 490,000,000 -6% 4300 Pictures of Warner Bros.
03/18/2022 Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre $ 7,000,000 – $ 12,000,000 NEW $ 22,000,000 – $ 42,000,000 NEW STXfilms
03/18/2022 Meeting n / a n / a Features of focus
03/18/2022 Indomitable boy n / a n / a Lionsgate / Kingdom Story Company
03/25/2022 The lost city Paramount Pictures
04/01/2022 Contractor Paramount Pictures
04/01/2022 Morbius Sony Pictures / Colombia
04/08/2022 Ambulance Universal pictures
04/08/2022 Untitled searchlight Pictures of Walt Disney
04/08/2022 Untitled Universal Event Film 2022 2 Universal pictures
04/08/2022 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Paramount Pictures
04/15/2022 Eiffel Blue Fox Entertainment
04/15/2022 Fantastic Monsters: Dumbledore’s Mysteries Pictures of Warner Bros.
04/15/2022 Father Stu Sony Pictures / Colombia
04/15/2022 Untitled WB Event Film 2022 1 Pictures of Warner Bros.
04/22/2022 Bad guys Universal Pictures / DreamWorks Animation
04/22/2022 Northern man Features of focus
04/22/2022 The unbearable burden of mass talent Lionsgate
04/29/2022 65 Sony / Columbia Pictures
05/06/2022 Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Disney / Marvel Studios
05/13/2022 Firefighter Universal pictures
05/20/2022 Super Pets DC Pictures of Warner Bros.
05/20/2022 Downton Abbey: A New Era Features of focus
05/27/2022 Bob’s burgers Disney / Twentieth Century Studios
05/27/2022 Top Gun Maverick Paramount Pictures
06/03/2022 Untitled WB Event Film 2022 2 Pictures of Warner Bros.
06/10/2022 Jurassic World: Dominion Universal pictures
06/10/2022 Untitled searchlight Disney / Searchlight
06/17/2022 Bright year Disney / Pixar
06/17/2022 Oh hell, no Sony Pictures
06/24/2022 Black phone Universal pictures
06/24/2022 Elvis Pictures of Warner Bros.
06/24/2022 Untitled Blumhouse Project Universal pictures
06/29/2022 Wedding with a gun Lionsgate
07/01/2022 Minions: Elevation Gru Universal pictures
07/08/2022 Thor: Love and Thunder Disney / Marvel Studios
07/15/2022 Bed rest STXfilms
07/15/2022 Bullet train Sony Pictures
07/15/2022 Mrs. Harris is going to Paris Features of focus
07/22/2022 The fiery samurai Paramount Pictures
07/22/2022 no Universal pictures
07/22/2022 Where the Kravids sing Sony / 3000 Pictures
07/29/2022 Black Adam Pictures of Warner Bros.
07/29/2022 Venice Features of focus
08/05/2022 Easter Sunday Universal pictures
08/05/2022 Secret Staff Paramount Pictures
08/05/2022 Untitled WB Event Film 2022 3 Pictures of Warner Bros.
08/12/2022 Untitled searchlight Disney / Searchlight
08/12/2022 A man from Toronto Sony Pictures / Colombia
08/19/2022 The beast Universal pictures
08/26/2022 The bride Sony Pictures / Colombia
08/26/2022 Samaritan Issued by United Artists
09/02/2022 (no releases scheduled)
09/09/2022 Lot of Salem Warner Bros. / New line
09/16/2022 Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret. Lionsgate
09/16/2022 Far away Universal pictures
09/16/2022 Woman King Sony / TriStar Pictures
09/23/2022 Don’t worry, darling Pictures of Warner Bros.
09/23/2022 Cat in boots: Last wish Universal Pictures / DreamWorks Animation
09/23/2022 Untitled 20th Century 2022 3 Disney / Twentieth Century Studios
09/30/2022 Brothers Universal pictures
10/7/2022 Spider-Man: Through Poems (Part One) Sony Pictures
10/14/2022 Halloween is over Universal pictures
10/14/2022 White Bird: An Amazing Story Lionsgate
10/21/2022 A ticket to paradise Universal pictures
10/21/2022 Untitled Paramount Paramount Pictures
10/28/2022 Devil’s light Lionsgate
11/04/2022 Flash Pictures of Warner Bros.
11/04/2022 Untitled Bee Gees Paramount Pictures
11/04/2022 Untitled David O. Russell Disney / Twentieth Century Studios
11/11/2022 Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Disney / Marvel Studios
11/18/2022 Lyle, Lyle, the crocodile Sony / Columbia Pictures
11/18/2022 Untitled WB Event Film 2022 4 Pictures of Warner Bros.
11/18/2022 She said Universal pictures
11/18/2022 Thirteen lives Issued by MGM / United Artists
11/23/2022 Chalk III MGM
11/23/2022 Fabelmans Universal pictures
11/23/2022 Amazing world Pictures of Walt Disney
12/2/2022 Hard night Universal pictures
12/9/2022 (no releases scheduled)
12/16/2022 Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Pictures of Warner Bros.
12/21/2022 Avatar 2 Disney / Twentieth Century Studios
12/21/2022 Mario Universal pictures
12/23/2022 I want to dance with someone Sony Pictures / TriStar Pictures
12/23/2022 Untitled 20th Century 2022 6 Disney / Twentieth Century Studios
12/30/2022 (no releases scheduled)

All of the above figures represent the best and worst options of how each relevant film is currently tracked based on existing market conditions and projected model fluctuations before release. These are not final predictions.

Clear revelations in the weekend and internal general forecasts are available exclusively to Boxoffice PRO customers. For more information on forecasts, prices and availability, please contact us.

Long-range cash register forecast: Operation Guy Ritchie’s “Luck”: Ruse De Guerre

Source link Long-range cash register forecast: Operation Guy Ritchie’s “Luck”: Ruse De Guerre

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