Listen to Ezra Furman’s new song “Point Me Toward the Real”

Ezra Furman shared a new song – her first of the year – called “Point Me Toward the Real”. The producer of the track was John Konglton, and the arrangement was horn by Nate Walcott. Bright eyes along with backing vocals from Shannon Lay and Debbie Niger.

It is a slow ballad that tells the first night of the narrator after his release from a psychiatric institution. «Direct me to real bastards, punish real / I was lied to and abused, time to try to heal,”Furman sings above the mood of the synthesizers.

Listen to “Guide me to the present” below:

“This is a non-verbal song about being released from a psychiatric hospital, which has never happened to me,” Furman said in a statement. “But it’s really a song about what you do right after bullying, imprisonment, confrontation with death. Who are you calling when it’s supposed to end? Where are you going? How do you know what you want?

“We’ve all been going through something horrible recently. We have all been friends with death for the last two years. When I look to the future, I want to know who has the back? Whose back do I have? And what is real, what and on whom can I hope? Guide me to the present; there is no other direction I want to go. ”

Furman was released last year An EP with songs written for Netflix Sex education. She also figured on Du BlondeThe album “Homecoming”, bringing vocals to the collaboration “I’m glad we broke up”.

Furman’s latest studio album was “Twelve Nudes” in 2019. У four star review, NMEJordan Bassett described the album as “a fast and dirty album of crazy pop-punk songs recorded at breakneck speed.”

Listen to Ezra Furman’s new song “Point Me Toward the Real”

Source link Listen to Ezra Furman’s new song “Point Me Toward the Real”

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