“Like every year, I plan to play with friends”

Triptych Dimitri’s birthday, actress reveals plans (Photo: Instagram)

On Wednesday, Triptych Dimri turned 28, who became famous for her role in the series “Bulbbul” and is preparing for “Qala”. The actress has revealed her plans for her birthday.

Triptych said, “I am a birthday boy. A week before my birthday butterflies appear in my stomach. And I don’t want that day to be an ordinary day. I expect it to be special. And I expect this from my friends and family. The idea is to be surrounded by my loved ones again, have fun and do something different on this day. ”

Speaking about her plans, Trypt Dimri said: “Like every year, I plan to play with friends. This is what I do every year. I’m great for adventure. And I like to go hiking and being in nature. It makes me happy. And on my birthday I would like to do something, you know, that would make me happy. “

“Unfortunately, my family will not be here this time because they are in Delhi and they will not be able to catch up. But I have some close friends in Mumbai. And I will go with them for a day or two. “

Tripty debuted in an acting role with a small role in the movie “The Boy from the Poster” in 2017 and became famous for his role in the romantic tragedy “Lila Majnu” the following year. However it was her role in OTT-released a horror thriller “Bulbbul”, which also won her critical acclaim as well as popularity.

Next, Tripty Dimry will be shown on screen with the son of famous actor Irfan Khan Babil in the film “Kala”, produced by actress Anushka Sharma.

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“Like every year, I plan to play with friends”

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