Liger director Puri Jagannad files complaint against distributor Warangal Srinu

Filmmaker Puri Jagannad filed a complaint against distributor Warangal Srinu for inciting the distributor against him. In the complaint, the director alleges that Warangal Srinu has failed to pay the amount owed to the film’s secondary distributor. ligerThe complaint further accuses Warangal Srinu of inciting other distributors against the director to cover this up.

Complaints are:

Complaints of Puri Jagannadh

Earlier, Ram Gopal Varma shared a screenshot of a Whatsapp exchange. This revealed that a number of distributors were planning to team up with his Puri Jagannadh to claim compensation for Liger’s box office failure losses.

Also, an audio clip of Puri Jagannadh goes viral on social media, where the filmmaker can be heard saying that he doesn’t owe anyone money. He further added that he would compensate distributors who had no intention of protesting against him.

Liger, produced by Puri Jagannadh on a budget of 100 million rupees, turned out to be a failure despite extensive promotion across the country. The film failed to break even, resulting in losses for distributors and cinema owners. At the time, it was alleged that Puri Jagannadh had guaranteed compensation to his agency.

Liger was widely criticized by film critics for outdated scenes and melodrama.Shubra Gupta Indian Express rated the film with one star, calling it “a cringefest of mammoth proportions.”

Besides Vijay Deberakonda, Liger also has Ananya Pandey, Ramya Krishnan and Chunky Pandey in key roles. Also featured is American boxing champion Mike Tyson in a cameo appearance.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/telugu/liger-director-puri-jagannadh-lodges-complaint-against-distributor-warangal-srinu-8232668/ Liger director Puri Jagannad files complaint against distributor Warangal Srinu

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