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  • Ringo Starr is the second living member of The Beatles, excluding Sir Paul McCartney.
  • He is the father of three children and two stepchildren.
  • Ringo has been married to actress Barbara Bach since 1981.
  • On October 13, 2022, the ‘Let It Be’ drummer contracted COVID-19 for the second time since becoming ill on October 3.

apple star One of the most famous drummers in the world.he participated Beatles Formed in 1962, they remained members of the iconic rock group until their dissolution in 1970. As a Beatles, he also sang lead vocals with a number of iconic songs, including “Yellow Submarine” and “With a Little Help From My Friends.”rear The Beatles split up Ringo launched a very successful solo career starting with his album. sentimental journeyThe 82-year-old drummer has recorded 20 solo albums, the latest being What is my name Married his first wife in 2019. Maureen Cox Married in 1962, the two remained married until 1975. The two had three children. Maureen sadly passed away in 1994 at the age of 48 after facing complications from leukemia.Ringo married an actress after he and Maureen divorced Barbara Bach75 years old, 1981.she already two children from first marriage Count Augusto Gregorini From 1966 to 1975.

Successful musicians unfortunately COVID-19 (new coronavirus infectious disease) Twice in October 2022. First, on Oct. 3, he took to his Instagram to postpone his tour and inform his fans of his illness. “Message to Ringo’s fans: Ringo was confirmed to have COVID-19 today and the current All-Star Tour will be put on hold until he recovers,” he captioned. Photo his on the plane. Then he announced a week later that he thought all was well and that he was healthy again. “See you on the road again in Seattle on Tuesday the 11th, Wednesday in Portland. Ringo.” October 10 caption read.But sadly, Ringo fell terribly ill again. October 13th“You will be as surprised as I tested positive for Covid again. The rest of the tour is off. Sending you peace and love apples,” the 82-year-old wrote. Aside from his recent health issues, the British rock and roll icon remains a proud father and spends time with his family. Please look.

Zack Starkey

Ringo’s son Zak, 56, is also a very talented drummer. (Shutterstock)

eldest son of apple Zack, 57 years old, born in 1965.The Beatles’ eldest son drumming As a child after The Who’s drummer Keith Moon I gave him a kit. Early in his career, he made guest appearances on tour with his father Ringo Starr and his All-Starr band. He started playing drums with The Who and has been a touring member of the band ever since. Besides The Who, Zac was a member of British rock icons Oasis from 2004 to 2009 and also performed with The Smiths’. Johnny Marr on the 2003 album boom slang, This was his only album under the moniker Johnny Marr and The Healers. Zack has two daughters. Tatia Jane, from a previous marriage.When LunaTogether with our partners for 17 years, Sharna “Sshh” Riggs.

Jason Starkey

Jason, 54, and his kids at the “Get Back” premiere. (Shutterstock)

Maureen gives birth to second son JasonLike his father and brother, Jason is also a drummer. His career has been a little more modest than his brother and father. According to him, he played drums for Musty Jack Sponge And The Exploding Nudists. daily mailHe also had some legal troubles in the late 1980s, including being fined for theft and facing drug charges. Flora Evans Since 2010, the pair have three sons stone, 13, Sony, 20, and Louis, twenty three.

Lee Starkey

Lee, 51, is Ringo’s only biological daughter. (Shutterstock)

Maureen gave birth to her and Ringo’s only biological daughter Lee, November 1970, age 51. DMShe also briefly owned a clothing boutique in Los Angeles, according to her IMDb. Lee was also diagnosed with a brain tumor in August 1995. She had surgery to remove her tumor, but unfortunately she had a relapse in 2001, which she beat. She gave birth to triplets with her boyfriend in 2009. Jay Mailer.

Countess Francesca Gregorini

Francesca, 53, became Ringo’s daughter-in-law when he married Barbara Bach. (Shutterstock)

Ringo married his second wife, Barbara, in 1981, with whom he already had two children.her eldest daughter Francesca Gregorini, 54. Francesca followed in her mother’s footsteps and pursued a career in entertainment.Her mother is an actress, but Francesca has mostly been behind the camera. Killing Eve,human, others. She also directed the 2013 film, The truth about Emmanuel.

Gianni Gregorini

Ringo’s other son-in-law Gianni, 50 years old, born in 1972, and seems to be relatively private. Gianni worked for his father’s company and became a businessman. daily mail.

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