‘Lean In’ x ESSENCE Black Women’s Equal Pay Day Roundtable “We Deserve More”

Black women own $0.08 for every dollar white men earn. what do you feel now? If it’s an alarm, you’re not alone.

The stat is part of a larger debate on pay equity and how black women are lagging behind on pay equity. financial equityData from the American Collegiate Women’s Association show how systemic racism, including years of discriminatory workplace practices, pervasive racial stereotypes, and inadequate access to promotion opportunities, impacts wages. We are analyzing whether it is connected to inequality, and over time, the wage gap has increased for black women more than for white women.

That’s why on Equal Pay Day for Black Women (September 21st), ESSENCE and ‘crouch down‘We’ve joined forces to speak up about America’s dirty little open secret.

The roundtable included Pauline Malcolm Thornton, Chief Revenue Officer, ESSENCE, Erica Bennett, Chief Marketing Officer, ESSENCE, Katrina Jones, Vice President of People & Culture, Lean In, and Head of Social, Lean In. Includes Senior Manager Nikki Tucker.

powered by research and data On the pay gap black women experience, ESSENCE and “Lean In” highlighted how black women can keep moving “In Their Bag” forward.

“Imagine having to work nine months into 2022 to earn what white men were paid in 2021 alone,” Tucker said at a roundtable. It’s the reality of black women in America.”

What is particularly frustrating is that this large disparity does not reflect a lack of merit. Take education for example. ‘Bend over’ It pointed out that Black women are more likely to go to college overall than men, and more so than white men. Earned black women earn 36% less on average. .

In the entrepreneurial sector, Black women who start or run early-stage companies are the fastest growing group in the United States, but lack resources and are slowing business longevity. I am takingHarvard Business Review It pointed out In 2021, 17% of black women will be new business founders, compared to just 10% of white women and 15% of white men.

“Despite this early lead, only 3% of black women are running mature businesses.” Donna Kelly Mahdi Majubri When Angela Randolph wrote in their works. To understand why this sharp decline occurs and how to address it, we analyzed data from interviews with over 12,000 people. About 1,700 of them are entrepreneurs and about 1,200 own established businesses.

This is just one aspect of why equal pay days for black women are so important. Conversations like the “lean in” X ESSENCE discussion are the start of much-needed change.

Please tune in.

https://www.essence.com/news/money-career/black-women-equal-pay-day-lean-in-pay-equity/ ‘Lean In’ x ESSENCE Black Women’s Equal Pay Day Roundtable “We Deserve More”

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