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SNL did not shy away from the political in this episode, putting its mark on the political moment when Kate McKinnon returned in the role of Lori Ingram.

When Saturday night live finally, returning from a break on February 26, he returned to the world, in sorrow. Faced with a shocking and rapidly escalating Russian invasion of Ukraine, SNL chose a grim and gloomy cold outdoor highlighting the Ukrainian choir Dumka from New York. But this week s Joe BidenAppealing the State Of The Union behind us and new updates overseas, SNL brought its branded satire to the political moment …. and greeted the sign with a hilarious cold open.

SNL got hot from the start, starting the evening with a cold open involving Kate McKinnoninfamous Laura Ingram an impression previously evoked in right-wing experts call her. and Alex Moffat as Tucker Carlson, where the couple on a spit supported Russia’s right-wing commentators during the invasion of Ukraine. The hilarious sketch of the opening was even completed Cecily Strong as Donald Trump Jr.girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoil sings a performance of “Shallow”, which reveals her true desire to capture Ukraine.

Kate McKinnon’s impression of Lori Ingram returned at the cold SNL opening on March 5th. (NBC)

But SNL hasn’t been done yet, especially when it came to musical comedy. James Austin Johnson returned with his impression of Donald Trump, and this time he had an emotional song dedicated to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin: “My funny Valentine.” Due to Trump’s close relationship with the controversial president, the severe cold has found a way to disrupt the political moment without minimizing the pain and shock that Ukrainians face.

It was a tense political moment for the SNL meeting, as the whole world is watching the alarming situation between Ukraine and Russia. By order of President Putin, Russian troops first began conducting “special military operations” in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, on February 24. Russia has since launched a full-scale invasion, forcing the United States to impose various sanctions on the country. , civilians of Ukraine will begin to take up arms, and stars worldwide entertainment to speak out in support of Ukraine.

Last week, though SNL kept away from any open fakes on a fresh and scary situation, Colin Jost spoke out about Putin’s actions in the Weekend Update, calling them a “colossal mistake.” He then fired on the former president Donald TrumpPutin’s support, joking: “Donald Trump praised Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, saying ‘it’s brilliant’ – he also said ‘it’s brilliant’ about his son Eric.”

Laura Ingram of Kate McKinnon Returns to SNL Cold Open: Watch – Hollywood Life

Source link Laura Ingram of Kate McKinnon Returns to SNL Cold Open: Watch – Hollywood Life

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