Late singer’s annual Patriot Awards dinner raises over $500,000 for vets

A little over two years after his death, Charlie Daniels’ passion and dedication to helping America’s veterans lives on through his friends, family and fellow musicians.

4 of the yearth The annual Patriot Awards Dinner at Nashville’s City Winery featured musical performers Chris Young, Lee Greenwood and the War Hippies, with guest speakers including former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerrick and former 5th It included the military commander, retired Colonel Jay Powers.th Group Special Forces (based at nearby Fort Campbell, Kentucky).

The annual dinner hosted by Storm Warren began as a way to honor those who supported the military while Daniels was still alive, and as a way to raise money for his Journey Home project. rice field.

Journey Home helps veterans in many ways, often by donating to other military-related nonprofits. David Corlew, Daniels’ manager and longtime friend, said Daniels spent a lot of time raising money for various veterans’ causes over the years and started his own organization about a decade ago. decided to establish the

“We always said that if we could save one life, we made a difference,” Corlew explains. “We have helped men and women return to civic life, but so have many others.”

Later, when he addressed the crowd, Corlew specifically spoke about supporting veterans through Operation Song.

“This program takes veterans into a room with songwriters and changes the lives of one veteran at a time. Charlie always said it was the best money he’d ever made in his life.”

Singer Chris Young is also a strong advocate for veterans and is honored to help continue Daniels’ legacy with the Journey Home project.

“I’m thrilled to be participating,” he says. “This is all for veterans. A lot of people in my family have served in the military. That’s my sister, we’ve been apart for 13 months and she’s out of the hospital now.” But she won the Leatherneck award in boot camp..was a Marine, always a Marine, or my grandfather who was also a Marine, or my other friends in various branches of the military. Family.Sometimes veterans need help, and this is one of the organizations that allows them to find it in a very respectful way.”

The Patriots Awards Dinner will be funded through tickets for the dinner itself, donations and an auction. One of his biggest awards this year was to Gary his Sinise for his foundation’s longstanding work in support of the US military. Sinise was unable to attend, but expressed her appreciation for the Journey Home Project and said, “I thank him for the men and women who sacrifice so much to preserve and protect the freedoms we have in this country. I sent a video message saying how much I appreciate you.

Bernard Kerrick recalled first responders who died in the September 11 attacks.thincluding 23 people who worked directly for him, many New York Port Authority police, and hundreds of firefighters who lost their lives. I remembered that I had promised to track people down.

A little over a month later, on October 19th, I got the news.th2001, Bush stayed true to his word.

“Do you know what happened on October 19th?th?‘ asked Kerrick to the crowd. “People in this room from 5 o’clockth Group special forces were going to Afghanistan. ”

Other special guests this year included 99-year-old WWII Coast Guard veteran Gladys Hughes and 97-year-old WWII Navy veteran Matthias Gutmann. Both were honored for their achievements.

Daniel’s son, Charlie Jr., says his father is no longer with us, but his passion and desire to help those who serve in the military live on.

“It’s one of the things that means the most to him,” says Charlie Jr. “He said there are only two things that protect America, and that is God Almighty and the grace of the U.S. military. It’s part of him and we will continue to do that.”

https://www.forbes.com/sites/pamwindsor/2022/11/04/the-late-singers-annual-patriot-awards-dinner-raises-more-than-half-a-million-dollars-for-vets/ Late singer’s annual Patriot Awards dinner raises over $500,000 for vets

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