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season 14 NCIS: Los Angeles We welcome the return of Hetty, played by Linda Hunt Since the series premiered in 2009. Executive Producer R. Scott Jemill Confirmed plans for Hetty’s return variety On October 11, after the Season 14 debut, it was revealed that Hetty had faked his death in Syria. Hetty hasn’t appeared on the show since the season 13 premiere last year.

Linda Hunt
Linda Hunt as Hetty in NCIS: LA (Photo: Shutterstock)

Hetty was in Syria where the body found by the NCIS team in the Season 14 premiere was discovered. According to R. Scott, the plan is for Hetty to return for Agent Karen’s wedding to Anna. .

“Hetty has been an integral force within the agency and a particularly important part of Karen’s past,” he said. variety“When Karen started thinking about his upcoming wedding to Anna, he wanted Hetty to attend. But we’re trying to figure out when we can pull it off.

Linda Hunt
Linda Hunt and Chris O’Donnell on “NICS: LA” (Photo: CBS)

Linda role after 12 seasons NCIS: LA was reduced to season 13 due to COVID-19 PandemicThe 77-year-old Oscar winner made only one guest appearance that season. R. Scott spoke about Hetty’s absence from PaleyFest in April 2022, a month before Season 13 ended. “Her story goes on,” he said parade“She was on board earlier this season but has since disappeared. The plan is to follow that up next year with some announcements.”

of NCIS: LA including cast Chris O’donnell As Agent Cullen Daniela Rua As Agent Kenzie Bly Eric Christian Olsen as Agent Marty Deeks, and LL Cool J as Agent Sam Hannah. We can’t wait to have Hetty back in time for Karen and Anna’s wedding! NCIS: LA It airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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