Kylie Jenner says Travis Scott can’t decide on son’s new name

kylie jenner We recently stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden with her mother, Kris Jenner, and while the show explored many facets of what Kylie has been up to these days, among the things that were discussed was the bullet point. had the fact that Kylie and Travis had to… pick their new names. son And they can’t think of it. Well, Kylie made it abundantly clear that it’s Travis, not her, who can’t stick to one new name.

According to Kylie, Travis chose a new name almost every day and liked it so much that he moved on to another.

“Sometimes I like Travis… One day he’ll say, ‘Oh, this name is kinda cool,’ and he’ll change it again,” Kylie said.

Kylie’s son was born in February of this year and was officially named Wolf Webster, but Kylie recently announced that she would be dropping the name Wolf for her son. However, Kylie revealed that his formal process has yet to begin during an appearance on Corden’s show.

“It’s not officially a legal name change. His name is still Wolfe. His passport is Wolfe, but that wouldn’t be his name. We’re just waiting,” Kylie said. said.

The model and businesswoman revealed they’re now closer to a name, despite Travis’ habit of finding new names every day, and she joked that new names would never be based on animals. .

It’s understandable for parents of two to ponder this decision, as changing a name in accordance with California law is not an easy process.

The process includes filing petitions in court together, coordinating hearing dates, and posting notices in newspapers asking him to legally change his name.

So it’s almost confirmed that the whole process won’t be kept quiet like the two intended and will definitely go public. I’m excited to hear that.

https://celebrityinsider.org/travis-scott-cannot-decide-a-new-name-for-their-son-says-kylie-jenner-532660/ Kylie Jenner says Travis Scott can’t decide on son’s new name

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