Kuch Kuch Hota Hai turns 24: When Karan Johar said he needed to ask Salman Khan, he got Rani Mukerji to shoot the film

Karan JoharDebut director Kutchi Kutchi Yasuda High won him many awards and an equal amount of brick bats over the years to 24 years old.The iconic film swept awards that year and remains a fan favorite to this day. Rejected by nine leading actresses, including Aishwarya Rai and taboo.

Speaking about the film’s casting process, Karan said at the Talent Next launch: Main bhikari ban chuka tha uss film mai. 8 heroines were rejecting me as Rani Mukherjee. Mujhe laga, agar koi na mile toh mujhe khud short-skirt pehen ke woh role karna padega (I thought that if there were no people, I might have to wear a short skirt and play the role). In the end, eight heroines told me no, and after listening to the narration, no one called back except Aishwarya Rai.

Karan had originally written the role of Twinkle Khanna. He later offered it to Aishwarya, Urmila Mathondkar, Taboo and others. About refusing the role, Aishwarya previously told Filmfare: I’m a newcomer, but I’ve been compared to all the senior actresses. ‘ Ultimately, the hero returns to being a more down-to-earth person. If I had played Kuchikuchi Hota High, I would have been lynched.

In the film Kutch Kutch Hotahai, Rani’s character Tina died at the beginning of the film and according to Karan’s father Yash Chopra, that was the main reason the actor turned down the film. However, Kutch Kutch Hotahai was a huge success at the box office and also starred with Shahrukh. Cajor in the lead role.

He further revealed that Shah Rukh Khan and Aditya Chopra suggested him the name of Rani after seeing her in the film Rajah ki Aigi Bharat. said he faced a similar problem. “I had to ask both Salman and Rani to come on board,” he added. He added, “Lagaan opened the door for unusual castings in mainstream cinema.”

About the movie ‘Student of the Year’ Curran said it was an opportunity when he made the movie. “It was a leap I had to take.”

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/kuch-kuch-hota-hai-turns-24-when-karan-johar-said-he-had-to-beg-salman-khan-rani-mukerji-to-do-the-film-8213462/ Kuch Kuch Hota Hai turns 24: When Karan Johar said he needed to ask Salman Khan, he got Rani Mukerji to shoot the film

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