KRK Returns to Twitter Post Jail, Says ‘I’m Back for My Revenge’, Netizens React with ‘Late Padare, Brahmastra Already Attacked’

KRK returns to Twitter post jail, says ‘I’m going back for my revenge’ (Photo credit – Facebook; Brahmastra poster)

KRK is finally back on Twitter after being punished for a 2020 tweeting incident. Rishi Kapoor Shortly thereafter, he was placed in judicial detention for 14 days. At the same time, another lawsuit was filed against him as he was also charged with a 2021 molestation case after he accused a fitness trainer of mixing and utilizing her drinks.

However, on September 8, KRK was released and released on bail. After spending about nine days in prison, he got out of prison.

Finally, he’s back on Twitter. Just moments ago, KRK took to his Twitter to inform his fans and followers of his release from prison. In his first tweet after his imprisonment, he said he was “back for revenge.” Seeing him back, netizens couldn’t contain their excitement and began reacting to his posts in various ways. Others spoke of the success of the Brahmastra.

“It’s too late. Brahmastra has already been declared a blockbuster,” another user commented on KRK’s post. Let’s see:

Recently, KRK’s son Faisal Kamal tweeted about his father being tortured in Mumbai on his Twitter profile. “I am Faisal Kamal, son of KRK. Some people are torturing my father to kill him in Mumbai. I am 23 years old living in London. I don’t know how to help my father. @juniorbachchan I request @Riteishd and @Dev_Fadnavis ji to save my father’s life me and my sister would die without him because he is our life. I urge the public to support my father to #SushantSinghRajput I don’t want him to die like #WeStandWithKRK,” read the following tweet.

Even recently Kangana Ranaut He was talking about arresting KRK while bashing brahmastras and collectivism in the industry. In one of her Insta stories, she wrote: movie. “

Now that KRK is back, we bring you all the masalas from his tweets, so keep an eye on Koimoi.

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