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Kriti Sanon and Varun Dhawan

Bringing fans closer to their favorite stars and movies, IMDb Introduced exclusive insights from the actor Ranbir Kapoor When Aria Butt and director Ayan Mukerji for Brahmastra: Part 1 – Shiva, Aamir Khan for Lal Singh Chadha When rohit saraf When Prajakta Cori for Discord season 2Recently, IMDb met with the cast of Bediyah Ask each other anything in exclusive segments. Varun Dhawan When Criti Sanon We talked about their love for each other and how the two have evolved as actors and friends since then. Dilwaretheir first film together.

Bediyah is a horror comedy about a man who is bitten by a wolf and turns into a wolf in an unexpected moment.also stars in movies Abhishek Banerjee When Deepak Dobriyal.

Exclusive to IMDb, a glimpse into healthy friendships and fun banter Bediyah Co-stars Varun and Kriti. When Varun asked about Kriti’s first impression of him, she said: Really, I felt like you were very, very obviously high energy. Sweet but frivolous. “

Varun describes the challenges he faced while filming the transformation scene: Without a doubt, this has to be one of the most exhausting he’s ever done. I was just going through the wall, my head was going through it. I broke that wall at least a dozen times, but they made it so hard that I hit it and fell.

When asked about his favorite shooting scene Bediyah, kriti said, “My favorite scene is the one where you’re lying on your butt. That’s not why! But me, Banerjee and Pariho are staring at your butt and analyzing it. Too funny!” We were all playing it and I was laughing every time we did it, and Banerjee’s facial expressions were so funny at times. But that’s my favorite scene.”

Varun reveals what he likes about Kriti. No action for you. There is no double-natured type thing you do to that person, whether you love them or hate them.

Kriti was also seen reprimanding Varun for his most annoying quirk. ‘Hahn!–That’s the first thing. Second, there’s always a subtle distraction when you leave your phone down. Someone calls you or you have to do something else.you don’t say goodbye Hahn.” And the phone never comes! The beginning and end are very separate conversations. Sometimes they just disappear without saying goodbye. “

Kriti also talks about how the two have evolved since their first movie together. Dilware, We weren’t really friends at first. By the end of the shoot, we became close friends. And the promotion, I think we bonded a lot more. It doesn’t happen often, but I’m working with you 6 years later and we’re still close friends and have actually gotten stronger. “

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