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Christine Brown it certainly doesn’t matter Meri Brown When Robin Brown since she moved sister wives But she pointed out that this is no different from where she stood with the two women before they broke up. cody brown“It’s pretty much the same as before,” Christine said. every week“It’s the same as when I went, so there’s nothing.” [changed]I never really spoke to either of them. ‘” She recently revealed that she met Cody and Robin at her family’s event and admitted that she was ‘a bit awkward.

Christine, on the other hand, Janelle Brown, she was always near. “She visited me several times,” said Christine. “I have a guest room, she stays in the guest room, and her sister also lives half an hour away from me. We’ve been on trips together, too.” Christine moved to Utah after ending her relationship with Kodi in 2021. Her decision and her aftermath playing of this season sister wives.

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Cody Brown and his four wives. (Justin Stevens/TLC)

Regarding her relationship with Kodi, Christine said she was still a little shaky. I told Kody that I was thinking of leaving him in early 2021, and then slowly started moving towards leaving my family in Arizona and moving to Utah. she said. “I left before that. I didn’t want to be part of it.”

Kody and Christine have six children, including: one minor daughter, very.[We] interact [about the kids]’ said Christine. In the latest episode of “But I guess I’m not in co-parenting yet,” sister wivesKody and Christine disagreed on when to tell Truely that she and Christine were moving out. finally change her mindUnfortunately, Truly found out about the situation by accident when he overheard his mother on the phone.

sister wives It airs Sundays at 10pm on TLC.

https://hollywoodlife.com/2022/10/19/christine-brown-meri-robyn-relationship-kody-split-interview/ Kristin Brown opens up about Meri and Robin’s relationship after Kodi split – Hollywood Life

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