Kris Jenner recently admitted to owning a completely forgotten Beverly Hills condo

On Thursday’s episode of “The Kardashians,” chris jenner While she gave fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her Beverly Hills apartment, she didn’t give a tour because she forgot she owned the home.

Her 66-year-old grandmother told Khloe Kardashian at the second season premiere, “This is a cute little apartment, if I may say so myself.” One of her heads at The Good American joked that she forgot Jenner was the owner of the building.

When Kim Kardashian, 38, recently asked her talent manager mother when she last visited the luxury unit, she replied, “It’s Santa’s workshop and gift-wrapping station.” rice field.

If I was rich enough… Kardashian told her in a fake British accent, “Oh, we have a condo in Beverly Hills,” hinting that she forgot she owned the property. The thought never crossed my mind!

I completely ignored it! With her own British accent, Jenner added her two cents. After some back and forth, she revealed in her confession that she bought the apartment to be close to her mother, Mary Jo “MJ” Campbell, and cousin Sissi Bussy.

In fact, Jenner joked that she had forgotten it was there for a while. Together she and Kardashian threw out expired food and her more than 20 bottles of champagne that had been sitting in the condo’s little-used refrigerator.

Jenner justified keeping alcohol on hand “just in case of emergency.” Kardashian’s idea was quickly dismissed.

Jenner conceded and an unseen individual removed the trash can lid and took the bag away. People made fun of and criticized Jenner’s wealth in social media posts about her abandoned property.

We had about as much money as Kris Jenner did when we forgot he owns a swanky Beverly Hills condo. Not only does she only use it for the holidays her season, but as one fan pointed out on her Twitter.

https://celebrityinsider.org/kris-jenner-recently-admitted-that-she-owns-a-beverly-hills-condo-that-she-had-completely-forgotten-about-533553/ Kris Jenner recently admitted to owning a completely forgotten Beverly Hills condo

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