Kody Brown Admits To Be A Terrible Father: Why Should I Watch My Kids?!?

Give Kody Brown points for honesty.

And he seems like a pretty awful human being, so let’s get those points out of the way quickly.

In last Sunday’s new episode of Sister Wives, Cody delved once more into his failing marriage to Christine. she returns to utah.

However, the installment also had time to focus on Cody not just as a husband, but as a father.

Cody Brown is mad at this photo. He’s reacting to the news that Christine no longer wants to be his sister’s wife.

As absentee Father, we must stress.

“It’s not normal for me to babysit kids,” Cody said at one point.

There is a lot to unpack in this response.

first not called babysitter when I was a child.it is called child rearing.

Second, what are you busy with these days?!?

Christine Brown and Kody Brown are gone. These are the official star images sponsored by TLC.

Continuing to dig his own parent’s grave, Kodi continued:

“I’m good at watching my kids, but I rarely do it. It’s easier to pay someone $20 an hour than to lose $200 an hour to a business at hand.”

Again, I have to ask: what business, KODY?!?

There is no evidence anywhere that Kody has a job outside of Sister Wives.

Instead, the point may be that the decision to spend time with one’s child should not be considered from a financial standpoint.

Cody Brown in the Sister Wives episode
Kody Brown doesn’t look happy in this photo, does he? Like… not one bit.

Kody has 18 children with four sister wives.

He has a 12-year-old daughter with Christine Truly and a 17-year-old daughter with his second wife, Janelle.

Meanwhile, Cody and Robin have a 10-year-old son named Solomon and a 6-year-old daughter, Ariella.

Many of Kody’s remaining children are over the age of 18 and are not home.

Kody Brown Goes Deep

“Cody and I do a lot during the day,” Robin said in her own exclusive interview on Sunday night.

“So I have a nanny so that I can have her help me instead of asking Cody to help me take care of the kids.”

this The nanny may have given Cody COVID-19 Last year, in the season 16 storyline.

Also, but why does a healthy marriage require a woman who is afraid to ask her husband to take care of the children?!?

Christine Brown and Cody Brown

Added Robin on air:

“It really isn’t fair to me to ask him for help when he has so many responsibilities and such a big family.”

(Again, Kody Brown doesn’t have a job. It’s worth mentioning again.)

cody brown steer
Cody Brown looks down at the camera in a scene from The Sister Wife season 16.

The sad irony of all this is Cody blew up on Christine in the season 17 premiere After making sure she leaves him.

why?because he claimed she It was he who destroyed their family.

“We still have family,” Boom Kodi, knowing that Christine wants to move back to Utah.

“Okay, we’re not lovers anymore, but our family is still family. How do we do that?”

How does the family live without Kodi in the picture? Easy. By his own admission, it has already been doing so for years.

https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2022/09/kody-brown-admits-to-being-an-awful-father-why-would-i-ever-watch-my-kids/ Kody Brown Admits To Be A Terrible Father: Why Should I Watch My Kids?!?

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