Kim Kardashian was surprised by a variety show interview

The criticism Kim Kardashian received for telling professional women to ‘work with your butt up’ took her by surprise. sisters Chloe and Kendall.

Likewise, I said what I said about people having to work. can i believe it? yes. She continued, “I know you have to work hard to get there, but I was so surprised at how furious people got.

She went on to let her family know that she knew why her remarks had offended them. She realized that not everyone has the same privileges as she or her siblings.

The Skims 41-year-old founder has admitted that she and her sister grew up in a lavish environment, but financial hardship forced Kris and ex-Caitlyn Jenner to sell their home and move into an apartment. was forced to

Kim went on to say that her mother didn’t start working and earn an income until she was 50. Given her tireless efforts to support her extended family, one can only imagine what it was like to watch her as a child. Witnessing her responsibility and how hard she worked until she realized, she also said in her first published interview in March that I apologized again for my remarks.

When I mentioned it, I didn’t mean any generalizations about women in general, as if I didn’t think women worked hard or respected their work. . I see it every day, she continued in her confession. I am truly sorry that the fact that the women in my life have had the greatest impact on my life, my profession, and my success has been misunderstood.

https://celebrityinsider.org/kim-kardashian-was-taken-aback-by-the-reaction-to-her-interview-with-variety-534934/ Kim Kardashian was surprised by a variety show interview

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