Kim Kardashian wants to make jewelry out of Kris Jenner’s bones

Kim Kardashian Known for making bold fashion choices, this one was bone-chilling.

in the meantime October 20th episode Hulu kardashian family,patriarch chris jenner I had hip surgery after suffering from continuous pain. And while the surgery was a huge success, Chris revealed that his daughter Kim made a strange request to the surgeon.

“Kim asked the doctor to save my bones,” Chris told his daughters. Khloe Kardashian When kylie jenner“So she could make jewelry out of it.”

Khloe was more interested in Kim’s design plans, but Kylie called the request “strange.”

Agreeing with the youngest daughter, Chris commented, “It’s creepy.”

Still, Khloe reminded her mother that she also made some interesting suggestions about what to do with her body.

Chloe found the proposal strange, but Chris doubled down by stating, “It’s a great idea.”

Despite the unexpected question, Kim has been a great support system for her mother during surgery. Corey Gamblebut she also remained optimistic throughout the procedure.

https://www.eonline.com/news/1351198/lessigreaterthe-kardashianslessigreater:-kim-kardashian-wants-to-make-jewelry-out-of-kris-jenner-s-bones?cmpid=rss-syndicate-genericrss-us-top_stories Kim Kardashian wants to make jewelry out of Kris Jenner’s bones

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