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Kim Kardashian41, admitted to being embarrassed her children Suspend a Zoom call while in the recents panel. kardashian family Who is the star’s mother? North9, saint6, Chicago4, and Psalms3, attended the 2nd Annual Unfair Conversation Day event and spoke about her multitasking life as a parent and criminal justice reform. Baratunde Thurston. Film producers also participate Scott Budnick.

After praising the ability to maintain virtual meetings at all times despite being a busy parent, Scott revealed that it wasn’t always easy to handle. Turns out she loves the Oklahoma Sooners football team…she’s on all Zooms. , it’s Zoom that night and all her kids are running around Zoom,” Scott said of Kim. people.

kim kardashian kids
Kim Kardashian out with her two kids. (WavyPeter/SplashNews.com)

“I’m so embarrassed,” Kim reportedly replied. Scott continued to joke about how there’s no way to stop the kids from interrupting the call at any time. He said, “They found a way in.”

The Kim kids aren’t new to this. she is wittyHexagon Kanye West, made headlines by sabotaging her on camera. Her eldest daughter, North, gained attention when she filmed a live TikTok video in December and walked into Kim’s room while she was laying in her bed. “Mom, I’m alive,” North told her famous mother before she said, “No, please stop. You’re not allowed,” the video ended.

kim kardashian kids
Another photo of Kim with the kids. (WavyPeter/SplashNews.com)

Kim has clear rules about when and where her kids post social media videos, but she regularly stops enjoying filming with them and sharing memorable posts. not. The loving mother recently made headlines when Kanye admitted that he’s been caring for the chicks “80%” of the time since the split. I’ll give it to you,” he told the host. Allison Wilson When Danny Harris Above Alo MIND FULL Podcast“She still has to raise the kids 80% of the time. People saw that we still had to be able to put in.”

https://hollywoodlife.com/2022/09/17/kim-kardashian-embarrassing-kids-interrupt-zoom-calls-event-panel/ Kim Kardashian says it’s ’embarrassing’ for kids to interrupt Zoom calls – Hollywood Life

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