Kim Kardashian pauses for a sexy photo shoot during a night swim with Pete Davidson!

Periodically throughout his career Kanye West took long breaks on social media.

It seems Yeezy isn’t the kind of guy who takes advice from strangers, but we’d like to suggest that this would be a good time for him to take one of those long breaks on Instagram.

For starters, West has been acting like a fool lately – threatening Pete Davidson and tends to give out his dirty laundry extremely rudely – and this seems like a good time for him to get away from the internet before he further damages his reputation.

And as a bonus, it would save him from constant reminders of it Pete collapses Kim Kardashian on a regular basis.

Yes, the relationship between Kim and Pete seems to be a major source of longing and frustration for Kanye these days, but that’s his problem.

Despite Kanye’s efforts return Kimher devotion to Pete seems to be growing by the day.

And despite the harassment campaign the rapper has launched in recent weeks, it looks like the two lovers won’t back down any time soon.

Nowadays, everything Kim does is viewed through Pete’s prism.

Even if a mother of four publishes her photos – as she has done all her career – fans believe that Davidson took pictures.

Example: when Kim posed during a recent night swim, fans almost everywhere assumed that Pete was behind the camera.

Unlike previous photos in which high shadow fell into the frame or Kim wore a baseball cap with the letter “P”.there was no real reason to believe that Davidson was the photographer here.

But hey, SNL was rerun this week, and we suggest that Kim’s followers believe that every time Pete isn’t in front of a camera in New York, he’s behind her in Los Angeles.

To be fair to this theory, it seems unlikely that Kim is bathing with anyone else at night these days.

In fact, insiders say she and Pete are virtually inseparable, despite the distant nature of their relationship.

Yes, even if Kim publishes an old-fashioned thirst trap, Kanye is still not relieved, as all the comments concern Pete.

Fortunately, it looks like West may be on the verge of his madness.

Last week you apologized to Kim.

Although based on his succinct comments, it seems he is still hates Davidson.

Hopefully, someone from Kanye’s immediate entourage will contact him quickly and make him realize that he can safely despise Pete whatever he wants.

What he can’t do is threaten the guy with bodily harm and then post screenshots of his ex-wife’s texts if she asks him to stop.

“You are creating a dangerous and scary environment and someone will offend Pete and it will all be your fault,” Kim said in a text that Kanye posted on Instagram last week.

We don’t know why he thought it would force anyone to take his side in this situation.

We also don’t know why he thinks he still has hell in Kim.

Anyway, all he’s doing these days is that it confirms she made the right decision by leaving his ass!

Kim Kardashian pauses for a sexy photo shoot during a night swim with Pete Davidson!

Source link Kim Kardashian pauses for a sexy photo shoot during a night swim with Pete Davidson!

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