Kim Kardashian has declared herself lonely while Kanye West’s divorce continues

A judge today (March 2) granted Kim Kardashian the status of single, which means her divorce from Kanye West now one step closer.

Following a petition granted by a Los Angeles County Supreme Court judge, Kardashian can now change his name from Kardashian West back to Kardashian.

Speaking on video in court, Kardashian once again stated her desire to dissolve the marriage due to “irreconcilable differences.”

At today’s hearing, the judge heard arguments regarding Kardashian’s request to restore her status as single, while the main divorce proceedings are underway.

Although the request to change Kardashian’s marital status has been granted, the details concerning the custody of the children and property have not yet been resolved, and the divorce case will not be completed any time soon.

The next hearing in the case will take place on August 5.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in 2020. Credit: Mark Piaseczny / WireImage

Last week (February 23), Kardashian asked the court to speed up the couple’s divorce due to a pre-arranged marriage. She informed the court (via Rolling Stone): “I believe that a court that abolishes our marital status will help Kanye come to terms with the fact that our marriage is over, and move forward on a better path that will help us peacefully raise our children.”

Kardashian then referred to Kanye’s recent (and since then deleted) posts on social media, including the one in which he targeted Kardashian’s new boyfriend, SNL‘s Pete Davidson.

In court, she said: “I really want a divorce. I asked Kanye to keep our divorce a secret, but he didn’t. Kanye posted a lot of misinformation about our private family affairs and co-education on social media, which caused emotional stress.

Kanye said in court last week that allegations that he was harassing his estranged wife Kim Kardashian on social media are “double rumors”.

In court on Friday (February 25th), Kanye said in a statement through his lawyer that “Kim claims to have read something allegedly Kanye on the Internet, and characterizes the messages in her declaration as misinformation.”

“Messages on social networks are not attached to the declaration,” the statement said, before the accusation was called “double rumors.”

“Who needed to offer messages on social media as evidence and show that the messages were written by Kanye,” West’s lawyer continued.

Continuing to seemingly challenge the couple’s premarital marriages, which Kardashian claimed were previously fully agreed upon, the statement added: “California’s prenuptial agreements, concluded on or after January 1, 2002, are presumed invalid.

“The presumption of invalidity exists until it is refuted in court or the parties ratify the agreement. We are at the initial stage of the case, so ratification has not taken place. “

At the beginning of the month (February 15) Kanye said he was “working on his communication”and “takes responsibility” for recent comments regarding his wife.

“I’ve learned that using all capital letters makes people feel like I’m yelling at them,” he wrote on Instagram, citing a number of capitalized posts.

He added: “I can benefit from a team of creative professionals, organizers, mobilizers and community leaders. Thank you all for your support. I know sharing the screenshots was unpleasant and looked like a harassment of Kim. I take responsibility. I’m still learning in real time. I don’t have all the answers. To be a good leader is to be a good listener. ”

Kardashian filed for divorce in early 2021 after nearly seven years of marriage to West, and sources called the split “amicable.”

However, last month Kardashian criticized Kanye’s “constant attacks” on her after the couple had public disagreements over North’s daughter TikTok account.

West changed his lawyers on the case several times. His fourth lawyer, Samantha Spector, is now repenting in the West and started work last week.
Laura Wasser, representing Kardashian, has since accused West of “strategically” changing lawyers to slow down the divorce process.

Kim Kardashian has declared herself lonely while Kanye West’s divorce continues

Source link Kim Kardashian has declared herself lonely while Kanye West’s divorce continues

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