Kim Kardashian further insists on divorce from E.

Kin Kardashian filed official documents with the Los Angeles Supreme Court late Wednesday, trying to break up her marriage to E, formally known as Kanye West, as soon as possible.

Introducing a personal statement along with filing, Kardashian said, “I really want a divorce. I asked Kanye to keep our divorce a secret, but he didn’t. ”

“I believe that a court that will end our marital status will help Kanye come to terms with the fact that our marriage is over, and move forward on a better path that will help us peacefully raise our children.”

In December, the reality TV star and businesswoman filed a lawsuit to be legally single, as is customary in divorces with large assets and children – even if the divorces have marital agreements and arrangements.

So far, this process has been going on without increasing tensions, until Ye seemed outraged by Kardashian’s new relationship with Pete Davidson, as well as other issues related to co-education, while wanting to rebuild his relationship with Kardashian. You have shared many of your thoughts and feelings publicly through your Twitter account.

On February 16, E brought to court his displeasure, adding many problems and complicating Kim Kardashian to be legally lonely.

“Mr. West has made it clear by his actions that he does not acknowledge that the marital relationship between the parties is over,” the court said in a statement on Wednesday. “Mr. West spread on social media the private messages of the parties and misinformation about personal family affairs and joint upbringing, which caused emotional stress.”

In February 2021, Kardashian filed for divorce from E, and founder Yeezy responded two months later, agreeing on all general terms and conditions, including child custody, and through a prenuptial agreement there was no disagreement over the division of property.

The couple has been married for almost seven years and has four children.

Kim Kardashian further insists on divorce from E.

Source link Kim Kardashian further insists on divorce from E.

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