Key moments in Anthony Rapp’s testimony

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Actor Anthony Rapp continued to testify Tuesday in a $40 million civil sexual misconduct lawsuit against 14-year-old Kevin Spacey in 1986. .

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wrap first took a stand In federal court in Manhattan on Friday, he explained that he first met Spacey in 1986, backstage at a Broadway play starring the Oscar-winning actor.

Spacey invited Rapp and friends to dinner and a nightclub, Rapp said on Friday, and the actor later invited Rapp to a party at his Manhattan home.

Unknown to anyone, Rapp said he went to watch TV in another room, but Spacey, whom Rapp said Rapp said looked drunk, later entered, grabbed Rapp’s buttocks, and Rapp lifted him to bed before “wriggling,” testified Friday.

Rupp “didn’t ask ‘Spacey’ to do that,” and “didn’t want him to,” Rupp said Friday.

In the second day of Rupp’s testimony on Tuesday, Rupp said he has continued to watch several of Spacey’s films because they were “generally very well received” and that he and Spacey have been together for at least two years after their encounter, including in 1999. Said they met once. At the Tony Awards, they didn’t recognize each other. variety.

Spacey’s attorney, Jennifer Keller, questioned Rapp’s friend John Barrowman about his deposition about the night he met Spacey. Rupp is said to have not included details about that night in his story, which Barrowman gave, saying, “I don’t dispute his story. I just don’t remember.” deadline report.

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“I was frozen. I was pinned under him,” Rupp said Friday. Vulture“He put all his weight on my chest,” Rupp said. He wasn’t exactly like me. It was a little angled. He was pressing his crotch against my hips, the sides of my hips. ”


A second Spacey accuser, Andy Holtzman, also testified for the charges on Friday. He is not part of the rap lawsuit against Spacey.Holtzman said in 1981, when he was 27, he was “lifted by the crotch” and “pushed back onto his desk” by Spacey at The Public His Theater. I claimed. Holtzmann said, “I could feel his erection on my body…near my crotch area.”

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Rupp was the first of more than 20 Spacey accusers to come forward in a 2017 interview with Buzzfeed News, detailing the charges against the actor.Spacey, on the other hand, Said He didn’t remember the interaction with Rapp and apologized for what might have been a drunken act.In his note, Spacey also came out as gay.Rapp filed a lawsuit against Spacey in 2020, claiming that New York Child Victims Act In 2019. The lawsuit originally included another accuser, conducted by CD, who alleges that when she was 14, Spacey engaged in a sexual act with the plaintiff against CD’s will. ruled last year that the CD could not be included in Rapp’s lawsuit and remained anonymous. Spacey also faced criminal charges of lewd assault and battery against a Nantucket accuser, but the case was dropped in 2019. A person who engages in sexual activity without consent. The actor said he was “sure” that he could “prove my innocence.” He later pleaded not guilty, and the next trial he has scheduled for June 2023.

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$31 million.That’s how much Spacey was ordered to pay producers of previous Netflix series House of Cards on the Sand Last year, by an arbitrator for breach of contract.When allegations against Spacey surfaced, production was halted and his character removed from the show. supported by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mel Red Rekana in August.


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https://www.forbes.com/sites/marisadellatto/2022/10/11/kevin-spacey-trial-here-are-key-moments-from-anthony-rapps-testimony/ Key moments in Anthony Rapp’s testimony

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