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Kelly Lipa When Ryan Seacrest I always do my best for the Halloween show at live with kelly and ryan And this year was no exception! Halloween 2022 was on a Monday. So Kelly and Ryan helped start the week in epic style. As usual, they rocked dozens of outfits for the show. Some of them were included in pre-recorded segments and some were worn live on stage.

The theme of this year’s Halloween show was Live’s Multiverse Halloween: The Best In The Universe.Kelly and Ryan teased some of their costumes ahead of Halloween, including takes on shows like House of Dragons, Stranger Things, Bachelor When kardashian family, among others. As usual, Kelly and Ryan parodied the biggest pop culture moment of the year with a variety of looks. It’s standard for talk show hosts to dress up for Halloween on their shows, but Kelly and Ryan really take things to the next level.

Kelly Clarkson Ryan Seacrest
Kelly and Ryan as Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange. (ABC)

To kick off the show, Kelly and Ryan channeled Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.Then came the pre-recorded Bachelor skit, and Ryan Seacrest Starred as one Bachelor on the set of triplets. Meanwhile, Kelly appeared as three of the season’s contestants, all under the name Ashley. Jesse Palmer even appeared in the host Rachel Recchia When Gabby Windy also appeared.Kelly vs Ryan next top gun In the “Audition” of top gun 3Ryan also mocked the FX show bear From another point of view.

and say yes to a dress: Celebrity Edition skit, dressed up as Kelly Ripa courtney kardashian I’m looking for her wedding dress.she also dressed as Teresa Giudicealso got married this year. The skit mocked Teresa’s wild wedding hairstyle.

“We are jumping through portals that take us to as many places as possible,” Kelly said. Said days leading up to the event. “How many costumes can you torment yourself with this year?” Well, it turns out that the 2022 show had over 75 costumes in total!

“It’s a nightmare, because sometimes something always goes wrong and you only have four minutes to make a change,” Kelly admitted before Halloween. I can’t tell you how fast four minutes can go to completely change your persona, hair, makeup, and skin tone in that amount of time. ”

Kelly joins live Halloween show since joining the company Regis Philbin “There’s not a single character I don’t love,” she gushed. “I like the glitz of dressing up and playing different characters.” that’s why Enthusiastic. “I like being efficient,” he explained. “I like to get in, get through, and move on to the next thing for the day.

2021, Worn by Kelly and Ryan in total 40 costumes for the entire 1 hour show.They performed shows like Bridgerton, squid game When Ted Russo The “Out of This World Halloween” special also included some of them in astronaut costumes and preparing to head into space. Jane Fonda To Richard Simmons When Suzanne Sommerswhich had a wide range of spectacular costumes throughout the show.

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